Honours BA Law and Society in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours BA Law and Society program consists of 20.0 credits, including not more than 7.0 at the 100 level. The program must include a minimum of 7.0 credits including 6.0 senior credits from within the Law and Society program. 

Program Requirements (7.0 credits in total) as follows:

Required LY courses (5.5 credits)
LY100 - Introduction to Law & Society I
LY101 - Introduction to Law and Society II OR LY200
LY201 - The Canadian Legal System I
LY202 - The Canadian Legal System II
CC233/HS233/OL233 - Introduction to Social Science Research Methods
LY300 - Perspectives on Justice
LY307 - Ethics and Professionalization
LY410 - Advanced Socio-Legal Theory
1.0 additional 300 level LY credits
0.5 additional 400 level LY credits

Plus 1.5 additional senior credits, either in LY-designated courses or selected from among the following:
CC203 - Women, Law and Crime
CC204 - Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
CC301 - Crime, Sentencing and Punishment in Canada
CC313/HR313 - Mean Justice: Criminal Injustice, Ethics & Rights
CC325/HR325 - Crimes Against Humanity
CC326/HR326 - Transitional Justice
HR328 - The United Nations in the 21st Century
JN204 - Media, Law and Ethics
JN334 - Public Opinion Research: Surveys, Focus Groups and Basic Statistics
PO263 - Politics and Government in Canada
PP213 - Legal Philosophy
[Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the program or department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such arrangements.]

Degree Program Electives: An additional 13.0 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits, including the second honours BA major. All students in the program must complete successfully the Foundations curriculum: BF190, BF199, BF290, BF299.

Additional Information

  1. In addition to the program requirements, students are encouraged to complete a selection of: GS101, PO101 and PO102 in Year 1.
  2. Refer to the University Undergraduate Regulations for progression and course regulations and the section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.
  3. Students completing the honours BA Law & Society program are excluded from completing the Honours BA Criminology program. Students may hold a minor in Criminology.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Academic Planning Revision March 21, 2016:Elective added; effective September 1, 2016.