Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2015/2016
Canadian Excellence

Christian Studies & Global Citizenship Option

An Option in Christian Studies & Global Citizenship is available to students in any WLU faculty outside WLS.

The Christian Studies Option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits.

Students must complete four of the following required core courses: GC101, GC102, GC201, GC202, GC203 and GC204 for a total of 2.0 credits; and a minimum of 2.0 elective GC credits.

In order to graduate, a GPA of 6.00 (C+) in the courses included in the option is required. Completion of the option requirements will result in a "Christian Studies & Global Citizenship" designation on a student's transcript and degree. When choosing elective courses, note that some of these courses have prerequisites. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the program or department

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision February 4, 2015: Required course program changes; effective September 1, 2015.