Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2015/2016
Canadian Excellence

Diploma in Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Diploma program is intended for performers who have completed an undergraduate degree or diploma in music and who wish to continue their studies in chamber music. Entrance to the program is competitive and performing excellence will be assessed to determine eligibility. 4.5 credits with an overall GPA of 7.00 (B-) over two consecutive terms of study (Fall and Winter) are required to complete the Chamber Music Diploma.

Pre-formed groups are encouraged to apply, although individuals may also be accommodated in faculty-approved collaborations with other Chamber Music Diploma students and/or in the WLU undergraduate Chamber Music course.

An 80-minute recital of works studied over the year will be given during the second term. If two recitals are preferred, a student may perform two 40-minute recitals, one at the end of each term.

All requirements stated in the course outlines for MU183, MU283, MU383 and MU483 will apply to Chamber Music Diploma students. Pre-formed groups will be required to perform two outreach concerts over the course of the year.

Pre-existing, ongoing groups may opt to study the entire year as a self-contained ensemble, but individual students will be expected to participate in at least two chamber groups as assigned by the chamber music director, appropriate chamber music area coordinator, and the individual private instructor.

Required credits: MU491B*, MU491C, MU488*, MU482, MU376, Studies in the History of Music Genre: Chamber Music or another course in music history or theory focusing on chamber music, 1.0 music or non-music elective credit. Students who enter without a senior course in 20th-century music literature, history or theory must take such a course as an elective within the diploma program. The MU491C credit may be used for private instruction or for chamber coaching with particular emphasis on works that may not be coached as part of the chamber music class. Music performed on chamber recitals may not be used for the MU491B* jury.