Diploma in Business Administration

Program Counselling: Anne Ellis, ext. 2572

The Diploma in Business Administration has been designed to meet the needs of people with work experience in business or government who wish to enhance their skills in the functional areas of administration.

The courses in the program have been selected to give broad coverage of the functional areas of management.

The program is made up of 6.0 credits (4.0 required and 2.0 elective). It is a part-time program only and will take at least three terms to complete. Courses are offered in the evenings. Program requirements are given in the following chart.

Diploma Requirements

Diploma in Business Administration
Required Courses Elective Courses Admission Requirements Academic Regulations

BU111, BU121,
EC205, BU247

Two of:
BU288, BU352, BU385

One of: EC120, EC140

Choose any 4 BU or EC 0.5-credits 1. Students must have three years work experience in business or government following their most recent formal education OR an undergraduate degree in any discipline except Business. Entry into the program is competitive. Possession of the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee entry into the program for either internal or external applicants.
2. Students may be granted a maximum of 4 0.5-credits (2.0 credits) towards the diploma for required courses taken prior to admission to the program. If additional courses are considered equivalent to the core or functional courses then the students must enrol in additional electives in order to complete 4.0 credits after admission to the program.
1. In order to graduate, students must attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00 (B-). Only 1.0 credit may be repeated (i.e., maximum of 14 course attempts) after admission to the program. The GPA will be calculated over all courses completed after admission to the program. Any courses completed before admission to the program will not be used to determine graduation GPA.
2. Students must complete 4.0 credits at Wilfrid Laurier University after admission to the program.
Notes Although diploma students are allowed to take BU255/EC255 without the prerequisite of MA129, such students should be aware that the other members of the class will have taken this Mathematics course and the instructors may assume that all students have the same level of sophistication in mathematics. As a result, students without the prerequisite may be at a disadvantage.