Honours BA Financial Mathematics and Honours Bachelor of Business Administration

This double degree program provides qualified students the opportunity to gain expertise in business models and management practices, and the theory and quantitative methods fundamental to the financial and related sectors. This BBA/BA program consists of a minimum of 26.0 credits and normally requires at least 10 academic terms, over 4 2/3 calendar years of study, to complete all requirements.

Students normally enter this program in a Fall term. Students who satisfy the progression requirements for entry to Year 2 are guaranteed entry into the Co-op Option, but this option is not mandatory. The progression requirements of each program (the Honours BBA and the Honours BA Financial Mathematics) must be satisfied in order to receive both degrees.

On successful completion of this program, students will be eligible to attend the convocation ceremonies in SBE and in Science and will receive the Honours BBA degree and the Honours BA Financial Mathematics degree at the respective convocations.


  1. Progression:
    Students must meet the following conditions in each year of the program by August 31:
    Minimum GPA of 7.00 in Business (BU) courses,
    minimum GPA of 5.0 in Mathematics (MA) and Statistics (ST) courses and
    an overall GPA of 5.0 in non-Business, non-Mathematics, non-Statistics courses;
    completion of 5.0 required and elective credits, including the required Business and Mathematics credits in the program outline
  2. Graduation:
    Completion of all 26.0 required and elective credits;
    minimum GPA of 7.0 in BU courses;
    minimum GPA of 5.0 in MA and ST courses;
    minimum GPA of 5.0 in non-BU, non-MA, non-ST courses.
  3. Students who do not meet the requirements in one of the Honours subjects, will progress into the subsequent year of the one Honours program for which they have met the requirements, then all the regulations for that single Honours program will apply. Students who have not met the graduation requirements due to low GPA must do so within one calendar year to graduate with the double degree.
  4. Based on the results of the Calculus Placement Evaluation, an entering student may be advised to enroll in MA110*, rather than MA103, in Year 1; then MA104 would be completed in Fall term of Year 2. Hence, students who have credit for MA110* require only 1.0 non-BU, non-MA, non-ST elective credits.

Below is a suggested schedule within which all program requirements can be fulfilled.

Required Courses

MA103 or MA110*, MA104, MA121, MA122, MA170, MA201, MA205, MA222, MA250, ST259, ST260, MA270, MA307; MA340 or ST359;
MA350, MA370, MA451, MA455, MA470 and at least 1.5 additional senior MA or ST credits at the 300 or 400 level;

BU111, BU121, BU127, BU231, BU247, BU275, BU283, BU288, BU352, BU354, BU362, BU385, BU393, BU395, BU398, BU415 or BU486, BU481, BU491 and at least 2.5 additional senior BU credits CP104 and EC120, EC140, EC250 or EC260

Suggested Schedule:

Year  Fall Winter
1 BU111, BU127, EC120, MA103 or MA110*, MA122
BU121, EC140, MA104 or MA110*, MA121, MA170
EC250 or EC260 (may be done online)
GPA requirements for both Business and non-Business courses must be achieved by August 31 for progression into Year 2. Total course repeats may not exceed a maximum of 1.5 credit. All credits taken during Year 1 will be included in the GPA requirements for progression into Year 2. A total of 5.0 credits must be completed by August 31 for progression to Year 2.
2 BU283, BU288, MA104 (if not taken in Year 1) or 0.5 elective, MA222, ST259
BU247, BU275, MA201, MA270, ST260
Co-op Work Term #1
A total of 10 credits must be completed by August 31 for progression to Year 3.
 3 BU352, BU354, BU385, BU393, MA250
Co-op Work Term #2

BU231, CP104, EC250 or EC260 (if not taken in Year 1), MA205; MA340 or ST359;
0.5 elective (BU387 if in accounting)

A total of 15 credits must be completed by August 31 for progression to Year 4.
 4 Co-op Work Term #3
BU362, BU395, BU398, 0.5 BU elective (BU397 if in accounting), MA370; 0.5 MA or ST elective
BU415 or BU486; BU481, MA350, 0.5 elective, 0.5 BU elective

The required 300-level Business courses in Year 4 are an integrated set which must be taken concurrently. A total of 20.0 credits must be completed by August 31 for progression to Year 5.


MA307, MA451, MA455
BU491, MA470, 1.5 BU elective (Fall or Winter), 1.0 MA or ST elective (Fall or Winter)


Additional Notes

Students are encouraged to select the Co-op Option. If the Co-op Option is not selected, then different academic plans for completion of this double degree program are possible. Students should consult the Business Department and the Mathematics Department to ensure program requirements are met.

The above outline incorporates the prerequisite structure in BU, EC, MA and ST courses. Students are strongly advised to consult with academic advisors before altering their academic plan.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision May 28, 2015: Mathematics program revised; effective September 1, 2015.