Honours BA Mathematics

The Honours BA Mathematics program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, including at least 9.0 and no more than 13.0 senior MA and ST credits. The program shall include no more than 7.0 100 level credits and must include the following:

Required Courses:
MA103 (or MA110*), MA104, MA121, MA122, MA201, MA205, MA215, MA222, MA250, ST259, ST260, MA304, MA323, MA489 and at least 4.0 additional senior MA or ST credits, which must include at least 3.5 credits at the 300 or 400 level, of which at least 1.5 must be at the 400 level.

Additional Information
Program Regulations and Schedule

  1. For progression and for graduation, a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 in Mathematics and Statistics and an overall GPA of 5.00 is required.
  2. CP104 is recommended as an elective.
  3. Electives must include at least 1.0 credit from a discipline outside of those offered by the Faculty of Science.
  4. The following is a suggested schedule within which all program requirements can be fulfilled. MA110* covers the same calculus topics as MA103, but includes a number of precalculus topics.  Either MA110* or MA103 serves as prerequisite for MA104.  Typically, students do both MA103 and MA104 in Year 1, or MA110* in Year 1 and then MA104 in Year 2:

Year 1
MA121, MA122; either both MA103 and MA104, or MA110* (refer to Note 4 above)
3.0 non-MA elective credits

Year 2
MA201, MA205, MA215, MA222, MA250, ST259, ST260
1.5 elective credits including MA104 if not taken in Year 1 (refer to Note 4 above)

Year 3
MA304, MA323
2.5 senior MA or ST elective credits
1.0 non-MA, non-ST elective credit
0.5 elective credit

Year 4
1.5 senior MA or ST elective credits
1.5 non-MA, non-ST elective credits
1.5 elective credits


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision April 15, 2015: Breadth requirements changed; effective September 1, 2015.
Senate Revision May 28, 2015: Program revised; effective September 1, 2015.