Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2015/2016
Canadian Excellence

Social Entrepreneurship Option

The Social Entrepreneurship Option is the first Canadian undergraduate social entrepreneurship program grounded in the liberal arts. It was constructed with the ideal student in mind that is, someone who is intellectually and personally courageous, cares deeply about the world, and considers their undergraduate education to be a vital stage in their lifelong learning; and someone who wants both depth, in their specialization of choice, and breadth, acquired in an option like this.

This Option is available to all Laurier students enrolled in an undergraduate Honours program.

The Social Entrepreneurship Option is built on three pillars:

  • deeper appreciation of the world's urgent problems, self-understanding, and entrepreneurial expertise.
  • The problems facing humanity are increasingly complex; sustainable solutions require broad knowledge and critical engagement - Those who seek to help others must start by appreciating their own strengths, motivation, and worldview.
  • Sound business skills, such as organizational administration, financial management, strategic planning, market analysis and fundraising, are needed to manage sustainable ventures needed to make social change. This option is open to all Laurier students. Priority will be given to students in the Faculty of Arts. 

The SE Option is comprised of 4.0 mandatory credits, combined with two non-credit placements, one international and one local.

Core Courses
UU101, SE200, AF300, SE300, GS398, GS399, SE400*

Suggested complementary courses include:
BU111 - Understanding the Business Environment
BU121 - Functional Areas of the Organization
BU311 - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
EC120 - Introduction to Microeconomics
EC140 - Introduction to Macroeconomics
AN465 - Cultures of Business and Work
CS206 - Public Communication
CS341 - Critical Advertising Studies
CS350 - Political Economy of Communication and Culture
ES295 - Ecotourism and the Environment
ES296 - Introduction to Sustainability
GG201 - North American Transborder Regions
GG363 - Contemporary Economic Geography
GG366 - Marketing Geography
GG394 - Geography of Tourism Marketing
GG463 - Seminar in Economic Geography
GS212 - Practices of Development
GS311 - Neoliberalism and its Critics
GS327 - Tourists, Tourism and the Globe
GS421 - Ethical Encounters
HI125 - Business History
HI251 - Show Business: An American History
HI337 - Canadian Business History
HI338 - Canadian Labour History
NO201 - North American Transborder Regions
NO240 - North America: Business and Society
PP247 - Business Ethics
PO316 - Environment and Natural Resource Politics in Canada
PO329 - The Politics of Trade
PO330 - International Political Economy
SY224 - Sociology of Work
WS204 - Women, Gender and Work

Additional Information

Student Trajectory through the Option:

 Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3
Year 3
Year 4
Year 4
 UU101  SE200 SE300
 GS398  International
 GS399 SE400*
in fall term