Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies


Graduate Faculty Graduate Faculty - University of Waterloo
  • Sheila Ager, PhD (British Columbia), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Altay Coskun, PhD (Trier), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Leonard Curchin, PhD (Ottawa), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Riemer Faber, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Andrew Faulkner, DPhil (Merton College, Oxford), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Craig Hardiman, PhD (Ohio State), Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
  • David Porreca, PhD (Warburg Institute, London), Associate Professor of Classical Studies
  • Christina Vester, PhD (Washington), Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

Notes on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year. 

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CL600 Research Methods in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures 0.5
CL601 The Integration of the Ancient Mediterranean World 0.5
CL632 Greco-Roman Literature and Cultural Interaction 0.5
CL635 Dining in the Greek and Roman World 0.5
CL636 Judaeo-Christian Literature and the Classical Past 0.5
CL637 The Underworld and the Afterlife in Ancient Mediterranean Literature 0.5
CL640 Eastern Mediterranean Trade and Cultural Exchange 0.5
CL641 Greek and Anatolian Fine Wares 0.5
CL656 Topics in the Principate of Augustus 0.5
CL657 Roman Trade, Travel and Communication 0.5
CL690 Directed Studies 0.5
CL691 Special Topics 0.5
CL695 Research Paper 1.0
CL699 Thesis 2.0
GR631 Oaths and Curses in Mediterranean Culture 0.5
GR633 Ancient Religions through Epigraphy 0.5
GR691 Special Topics 0.5
LA635 Tacitus Annals I-VI 0.5
LA691 Special Topics 0.5
NE611 Ancient Near Eastern Societies 0.5
NE615 Ancient Near Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality 0.5
NE621 Temples and Sanctuaries in the Eastern Mediterranean World 0.5
NE625 Myth and Burial Customs in the Ancient Near East 0.5
NE631 Old Babylonian Royal Inscriptions 0.5
NE632 Old Babylonian Administrative Documents and Literature 0.5
NE690 Directed Studies 0.5
NE691 Special Topics 0.5
CLAS633 Ancient Drama / Ancient Identities 0.5
CLAS643 Artistic and Cultural Commonalities in the Hellenistic Mediterranean 0.5
CLAS644 The Sacred Island of Delos: Cultural Crossroads 0.5
CLAS653 The Hellenistic Kingdoms: Conquest and Cultural Interaction 0.5
CLAS654 Greeks and Egyptians in Ptolemaic Egypt 0.5
CLAS655 Roman Frontiers and Provinces 0.5
CLAS656 The Decline of the Roman Empire and its Consequences for the Mediterranean 0.5
GRK632 Local Cultures in Hellenistic Greek Poetry 0.5
LAT622 Latin Palaeography 0.5
LAT633 Greek and Roman Identities in the Lyric Poetry of Horace 0.5