Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2007/2008
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The Faculty of Music provides a creative and collegial environment for education and research that fosters artistic and scholarly development of the highest calibre, and enriches the cultural life of the community.

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Music Centered Psychotherapy

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
MU501 The Field of Music Therapy 0.5
MU502 Musical Resources I 0.5
MU503 Music Therapy Methods 0.5
MU504 Practicum I 0.5
MU505 Emerging Concepts 0.5
MU506 Musical Resources II 0.5
MU507 Experiential Music Therapy 0.5
MU508 Practicum II 0.5
MU601 Musical Resources III 0.5
MU602 Talks on Music and Music Therapy 0.5
MU603 Practicum III 0.5
MU604 Practicum IV 0.5
MU605 Musical Resources IV 0.5
MU606 Music Therapy Qualitative Research 0.5
MU607 Music Therapy Supervision 0.5
MU608 Experiential Music Therapy 0.5
MU609 Major Paper 0.5
SK522 Clinical Social Work Practice with Individuals 0.5
SK621 Use of Self 0.5