Public Safety

Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Scott Blandford, DBA

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SAFE600 Public Safety in Canada 0.5
SAFE601 Issues in Contemporary Public Safety 0.5
SAFE602 Public Safety Administration 0.5
SAFE604 Leadership and Ethics in Public Safety 0.5
SAFE605 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis in Public Safety 0.5
SAFE606 International Rule of Law 0.5
SAFE607 International Crime and Terrorism 0.5
SAFE608 Beyond the Border 0.5
SAFE609 Immigration and Border Security 0.5
SAFE610 Intelligence and Evidence-Based Decision Making 0.5
SAFE611 Diverse Communities 0.5
SAFE612 Interagency Disaster Management 0.5
SAFE613 Emergency Management Planning 0.5
SAFE614 Public Safety GIS and Data Analytics 0.5
SAFE615 GIS, Crime Mapping, and RTM 0.5
SAFE617 Public Safety Policy and Strategic Planning 0.5