Social Justice and Community Engagement

Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Brenda Murphy, PhD

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SOJE601 Theories of Social Justice and Community Engagement 0.5
SOJE602 Applied Research for Social Justice 0.5
SOJE603 Community Capacity Development 0.5
SOJE605 Social Justice Practitioner's Toolkit 0.5
SOJE606 Changing the Political Terrain: Approaches to Organizing 0.5
SOJE621 Social Justice Community Placement 1.0
SOJE630 Social Justice Directed Reading Course 0.5
SOJE631 Special Topics in Social and Environmental Justice 0.5
SOJE690 Social Justice Research and Professionalization Forum 0.5
SOJE695 Major Research Project 1.0