Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Wing Chan, PhD

Program Information

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
EC603 Economic Evaluation and Decision-Making 0.5
EC606 Economics of Labour Markets 0.5
EC607 Political Economy 0.5
EC608 Empirical Economic History 0.5
EC610 Special Topics in Economics 0.5
EC620 Microeconomics I 0.5
EC623 Financial Economics 0.5
EC630 Microeconomics II: Topics in the Microeconomics of Firm Decision Making 0.5
EC639 International Trade 0.5
EC640 Macroeconomics I 0.5
EC649 International Finance 0.5
EC650 Macroeconomics II: Topics in Applied Macroeconomics 0.5
EC655 Econometrics 0.5
EC665 Forecasting, Time Series Analysis, and Survey Design 0.5
EC681 Research Paper and Seminar 1.0
EC690 Directed Studies 0.5