Social Work

As one of the modern helping disciplines, social work fulfills a strategic function in the field of social services. The social work profession is concerned with the wide range of human and environmental factors, and processes that influence social functioning in contemporary life. It seeks to alleviate and prevent personal and social problems experienced by individuals, families, groups and communities, and to contribute to constructive institutional change and development.

The educational program of the faculty is designed to prepare specially qualified personnel for the many forms of direct clinical and community practice, and for the related professional functions of policy development, planning, administration and research. In all of these areas there is a growing demand, in both governmental and voluntary sectors, for social workers who possess advanced, theoretical knowledge and specialized practice competence.

MSW Program
Dr Ginette Lafreniere, Associate Dean: MSW Program
519-884-0710, ext 5237

Dr Lori Hill, Associate Dean: IFS Program
519-884-0710, ext 5331

PhD Program
Dr Michael Woodford, Associate Dean: PhD Program
519-884-0710, ext. 5275

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students should consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SK501 Approaches to Community Organizing and Group Practices 0.5
SK504 Research 1 0.5
SK507 Social Justice and Transformative Social Work Practices 0.5
SK508 Reflexive Group and Community Practice 0.5
SK509 Social Work Practice with Groups 0.5
SK522 Social Work Practice with Individuals 0.5
SK536 Integrating Theory and Practice 0.5
SK541 Foundational Field Education 0.5
SK545 Introduction to Ethical Thought and Reflexive Practice 0.5
SK552 Social Work Practice with Families 0.5
SK591 Social Innovation 0.5
SK592 Transnational Social Work Practice 0.5
SK593 Indigenous Child Welfare Policy and Practice 0.5
SK594 Critical Collective Social Work Practice 0.5
SK595 Feminism, Gender and Policy 0.5
SK596 International Social Work Research 0.5
SK597 International Social Work Research Paper 0.25
SK600 Field Education 0.5
SK605 Leadership in Social Work Organizations 0.5
SK608 Community Capacity Building 0.5
SK609 Program Development and Social Planning 0.5
SK610 Social Change and Social Action 0.5
SK615 Research 2 0.5
SK619 Power, Violence and Resilience 0.5
SK620 Marital and Couple Counselling 0.5
SK621 Reflexive Practices 0.5
SK622 Personal and Professional Identity: Reflexivity and Growth in International Context 0.5
SK628 Cultural Camp 0.5
SK630 International Placement Orientation: Introduction to the Culture, History and Traditions of Your Host Country 0.25
SK632 Social Work Issues 0.5
SK635 Indigenous Knowledges and Theory 0.5
SK641 Critical Social Policy and Activism 0.5
SK644 Indigenous Kinship Structures and Social Work Practice 0.5
SK645 Indigenous Research Methods 0.5
SK646 Wholistic Healing Practices 0.5
SK647 Elders' Teaching and Indigenous Identity 0.5
SK648 Elders' Teaching and Self-Reflection 0.5
SK649 Advanced Field Education 0.5
SK650 Advanced International Field Education 1.0
SK651 Advanced Social Work Practice with Individuals 0.5
SK652 Advanced Social Work Practice with Families 0.5
SK653 Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups 0.5
SK654 Brief Therapies 0.5
SK656 Death, Dying and Bereavement 0.5
SK657 Interventions with Children and Adolescents 0.5
SK658 Social Work Practice with Older Adults 0.5
SK659 Addictions: Assessment and Treatment 0.5
SK664 Sexual and Gender Diversity 0.5
SK665 Relational Accountability: Transforming Social Work with Indigenous Peoples 0.5
SK666 Alternative Social Work Interventions 0.5
SK667 Play Therapy 0.5
SK668 Social Work Practice with Survivors of Trauma 0.5
SK681 The Political and Organizational Contexts of Social Work Practice 0.5
SK688 Social Work in Health Care Settings 0.5
SK690 Inequality, Poverty and Income Support 0.5
SK693 Crisis Intervention 0.5
SK695 Poverty in Canada and its Implications for Social Work 0.5
SK698 Thesis 0.0
SK704 Applied Quantitative Research Methods 0.5
SK718 Advanced Studies in Social Work and Related Disciplines I 0.5
SK723 Mental Health as a Context for Social Work Practice 0.5
SK731 Advanced Studies in Social Planning 0.5
SK750 Applied Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Work Research 0.5
SK751 Advanced Readings in Social Work Practice 0.5
SK752 Advanced Readings in Social Policy 0.5
SK790 Social Work Thought and Theory Development 0.5
SK791 Epistemology and the Nature of Social Work Knowledge 0.5
SK801 Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis 0.5
SK805 Applied Qualitative Research Methods 0.5
SK809 Field Learning Option 1.0
SK820 Doctoral Seminar 0.5
SK892 Comprehensive Examination 1 0.0
SK893 Comprehensive Examination 0.0
SK894 Writing for Publication 0.5
SK899 PhD Dissertation 0.0