Department of Criminology

Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Jennifer Lavoie, PhD

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CC601 Qualitative Fieldwork into the Study of Deviance 0.5
CC602 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 0.5
CC603 Theories of Crime and Crime Control 0.5
CC604 The Critical Turn in Criminology 0.5
CC606 Research and Professionalization Seminar 0.5
CC607 The Charter and Criminal Justice 0.5
CC608 Crime, Politics, and Political Deviance in Global Perspective 0.5
CC609 Crimes of Globalization 0.5
CC610 Transnational Crime 0.5
CC611 International Human Rights in Criminal Justice 0.5
CC612 The Contemporary Caribbean: Crime and Human Security 0.5
CC613 Global Proliferation of Terrorism 0.5
CC614 Advanced Studies on Policing 0.5
CC615 Comparative Youth Justice Systems 0.5
CC616 Sociology of Law 0.5
CC617 Penology 0.5
CC618 Deviance and Diversity 0.5
CC621 Cultural Criminology 0.5
CC623 Contemporary Issues in Crime and Media 0.5
CC625 Special Topics in Criminology 0.5
CC650 Directed Study 0.5
CC699 Thesis 0.0