Department of Business

Contact Information: 

MBA Program
Dr Mitali De, MBA Program Director
519-884-0710, ext 3797

MFin Program
Dr Ning (Tony) Tang, Program Director
519-884-0710, ext 2479

MSc and PhD in Management 
Dr Madhu Kalimipalli, Program Director
519-884-0710, ext 2187

MSc in Management, Technology Management (EMTM)
Dr Hamid Noori, Program Director
519-884-0710, ext 2571 

Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Dr Bruce McConomy
519-884-0710, ext 2890

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Courses with the discipline code TM are open only to students registered in the MSc in management (technology management) field (EMTM).

Fields in the PhD Program

  • accounting
  • finance
  • organizational behaviour and human resource management
  • marketing
  • supply chain, operations & technology management 

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
BU517 Financial Statement Analysis 0.5
BU527 Advanced Topics in Management Controls 0.5
BU537 Integrated Cases in Accounting 0.5
BU547 Advanced Auditing 0.5
BU557 Taxation III 0.5
BU600 Management Accounting and Strategic Leadership 0.5
BU601 Strategic Management 0.5
BU602 Marketing 0.5
BU603 Financial Management 0.5
BU604 Organizational Behaviour 0.5
BU605 Operations Management 0.5
BU606 Economics 0.5
BU607 Accounting 0.5
BU609 Business Analytics 0.5
BU610 Applied Business Research 1.0
BU611 Entrepreneurship 0.5
BU612 International Marketing and Entrepreneurship 0.5
BU613 Entrepreneurial Finance 0.5
BU614 Negotiation and Conflict Management 0.5
BU615 Environmental Management 0.5
BU617 Financial Accounting I 0.5
BU620 Management Controls 0.5
BU621 Managing Competitive Intelligence 0.5
BU622 Services Marketing Management 0.5
BU623 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management 0.5
BU625 Management of Information Systems 0.5
BU627 Financial Accounting II 0.5
BU628 Leadership 0.5
BU631 Social Entrepreneurship 0.5
BU632 Marketing and Technology 0.5
BU633 Management of Financial Institutions 0.5
BU635 Global Operations and Logistics 0.5
BU637 Financial Information Systems 0.5
BU640 Integrative Strategic Thinking and Action 0.5
BU641 Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy 0.5
BU642 Marketing Strategy 0.5
BU643 International Financial Management 0.5
BU645 Supply Chain Management 0.5
BU647 Managerial Tax Planning 0.5
BU648 Communication in a Managerial Context 0.5
BU650 Ethics and the Conduct of Business 0.5
BU651 The Canadian Legal Environment for Managers 0.5
BU652 Consumer Behaviour 0.5
BU653 Short-Term Financial Management 0.5
BU655 Managing Innovation and Technology Transfer 0.5
BU657 Financial Statement Analysis 0.5
BU658 Organizational Dynamics and Change 0.5
BU660 Laurier Start-up Fund 0.5
BU661 International Strategy 0.5
BU662 Marketing Research 0.5
BU663 Advanced Corporate Finance 0.5
BU665 Advanced Business Analytics 0.5
BU667 Advanced Accounting 0.5
BU668 Organizational Design and Structure 0.5
BU669 International Business 0.5
BU670 Business Research Methodology 0.5
BU671 General Managers in Action 0.5
BU672 Integrated Marketing Communications 0.5
BU673 Investment Management 0.5
BU675 Project Management 0.5
BU677 Capstone I 0.5
BU678 Human Resources Management 0.5
BU680 Research Project 1.5
BU681 Not-for-Profit Management 0.5
BU682 Business-to-Business Marketing 0.5
BU685 Procurement and Supply Management 0.5
BU687 Advanced Management Accounting 0.5
BU690 Directed Studies 0.5
BU691 Seminar in Policy 0.5
BU692 Seminar in Marketing 0.5
BU693 Seminar in Finance 0.5
BU694 Seminar in Economics 0.5
BU695 Seminar in Operations and Decision Science 0.5
BU696 Seminar in International Business Management 0.5
BU697 Seminar in Accounting 0.5
BU698 Seminar in Organizational Behaviour 0.5
BU699 Design Thinking 0.5
BU701 Competitive Strategy for a Sustainable World 0.5
BU711 Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Environments 0.5
BU713 Fixed Income Analysis 0.5
BU717 Introduction to Auditing 0.5
BU721 Managing the Family Enterprise 0.5
BU723 Advanced Investment Management 0.5
BU727 Capstone I 0.5
BU731 Corporate Governance and Integrated Risk Management 0.5
BU732 Strategic Brand Management 0.5
BU737 Capstone II 0.5
BU747 Taxation I 0.5
BU753 Empirical Studies in Fixed Income 0.5
BU767 Taxation II 0.5
BU777 CFE Prep I 0.5
BU787 CFE Prep II 0.5
BU800 Fundamentals of Behavioural Research 0.5
BU801 Management Foundations 0.5
BU802 Research Methodology 0.5
BU803 Theory of Asset Pricing 0.5
BU804 Organizational Behaviour 0.5
BU805 Deterministic Quantitative Analysis 0.5
BU807 Accounting for Securities 0.5
BU808 Organizational Theory 0.5
BU812 Marketing Philosophy and Theory 0.5
BU813 Empirical Studies in Derivatives 0.5
BU814 Human Resource Management 0.5
BU815 Stochastic Analysis and Simulation 0.5
BU817 Survey of Accounting Research 0.5
BU818 Qualitative Research Process 0.5
BU822 Marketing Strategy 0.5
BU823 Seminar in Financial Economics 0.5
BU824 Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management I 0.5
BU825 Foundations of Supply Chain Management 0.5
BU827 Seminar in Financial Accounting 0.5
BU828 Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management II 0.5
BU829 Systems Modeling and Analysis 0.5
BU832 Seminar in Marketing and Supply Chain Interface 0.5
BU833 Empirical Asset Pricing 0.5
BU834 Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management III 0.5
BU837 Seminar in Management Accounting 0.5
BU838 Special Topics in Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management IV 0.5
BU839 Advanced Modeling and Analysis 0.5
BU842 Consumer Behavior 0.5
BU843 Seminar in Advanced Financial Econometrics 0.5
BU845 Seminar in Supply Chain Management I 0.5
BU847 Seminar in Archival Research in Accounting 0.5
BU849 Advanced Empirical Research Methods 0.5
BU852 Service and Relationship Marketing 0.5
BU853 Market Microstructure, Trading and Investment Strategies 0.5
BU855 Seminar in Supply Chain Management II 0.5
BU857 Seminar in Behavioral Research in Accounting 0.5
BU859 Foundations of Operations Management 0.5
BU862 Research in Brand & Product 0.5
BU863 Empirical Corporate Finance 0.5
BU865 Seminar in Technology Innovation and New Product Development 0.5
BU872 Special Topics in Marketing 0.5
BU875 Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management 0.5
BU885 Advanced Topics in Operations Management 0.5
BU890 Directed Studies 0.5
BU891 Comprehensive Examination 0.0
BU899 Doctoral Dissertation 0.0
MF703 Seminar in Corporate Finance 0.5
MF713 Financial Reporting and Analysis I 0.5
MF723 Financial Reporting and Analysis II 0.5
MF733 CFA Level I Review 0.5
MF753 Economics and Quantitative Methods I 0.5
MF763 Economics and Quantitative Methods II 0.5
MF773 Foundation in Finance and Professional Ethics 0.5
MF783 Research Paper 0.5
MF793 CFA Level II Review 0.5
MS700 Univariate and Multivariate Statistics 0.5
MS704 Major Research Paper I 0.5
MS714 Major Research Paper II 0.5
MS715 Simulation and IT Topics 0.5
MS795 Major Research Paper 0.0
TM701 Strategic Management and Technology 0.5
TM702 Commercialization and Marketing Technological Innovations 0.5
TM703 Finance for Technology Firms 0.5
TM704 Designing and Leading the Innovative Organization 0.5
TM705 Technology, Design and Innovation 0.5
TM706 Economics, Technology and Intellectual Capital 0.5
TM707 Measurements, Analysis and Control 0.5
TM715 Technology Assessment and Roadmapping 0.5
TM725 Advanced Topics in Technology and Innovation 0.5
TM789 Major Research Paper (MRP) 0.0