Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Margaret Walton-Roberts, PhD

The department, together with the Department of Geography at the University of Waterloo, offers a joint program leading to MA, MES and PhD degrees. The Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography (W-LGPIG) is responsible for admissions, for the program of instruction and for the naming of students' supervisory committees. Students in the program register either at Wilfrid Laurier University or the University of Waterloo (normally depending on where the supervisor is located), but will normally undertake course work at both universities. Students in the program are governed by the general regulations of the university in which they are registered and their degree is granted by that university.

Fields in the MA/MES/MSc/PhD Programs

  • Human Geography (MA/MES/PhD)
  • Environmental and resource management (MA/MES/PhD)
  • Geomatics (MA/MES/MSc/PhD)
  • Environmental Science (MES/MSc/PhD)

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
GG600 Seminar in Spatial Data Handling 0.5
GG601 Environmental Change and Remote Sensing 0.5
GG602 Remote Sensing of Cold Regions 0.5
GG603 Remote Sensing and Earth System Science 0.5
GG604 Spatial Statistics 0.5
GG605 Spatial Information Technology, Globalization and International Development 0.5
GG607 Applications of Geographic Information Systems 0.5
GG608 Urban Remote Sensing 0.5
GG609 GIS and Spatial Decision Support for Planning and Resource Management 0.5
GG611 Industrial Location Theory and Concepts 0.5
GG613 Regional Development Principles and Practice 0.5
GG615 Community Economic Development 0.5
GG616 Multivariate Statistics 0.5
GG618 Spatial Analysis 0.5
GG619 Regional Planning Economic and Investment Analysis 0.5
GG620 Seminar in Human Geography 0.5
GG621 Metropolitan Form and Structure in Canada 0.5
GG624 Human Activity and Travel Behaviour 0.5
GG625 Qualitative Methods in Geography 0.5
GG634 A - H Selected Topics in Regional Studies 0.5
GG635 International Development: Theories and Practice 0.5
GG637 Seminar in Cultural and Historical Geography 0.5
GG638 Consequences of Tourism 0.5
GG639 Food Systems and Sustainability 0.5
GG640 Seminar in Physical Geography 0.5
GG641 Climate Change: Physical Science Basis 0.5
GG642 Micrometeorology 0.5
GG643 Dynamic Geomorphology 0.5
GG644 Applied Geomorphology 0.5
GG645 Fluvial and Glaciofluvial Sediment Transport 0.5
GG646 Hydrology 0.5
GG647 Recent Advances in Wetland Studies 0.5
GG648 Paleolimnology 0.5
GG649 Hydrology of Cold Regions 0.5
GG651 Hydroecology for Freshwater Ecosystem Management 0.5
GG652 Climate Prediction, Modelling and Scenarios 0.5
GG653 Land Use and the Carbon Cycle 0.5
GG654 Applied Biogeochemistry 0.5
GG655 Snow Hydrology 0.5
GG660 Perspectives in Resource and Environmental Management 0.5
GG661A Applied Studies in Hydrology and the Environment I 0.5
GG661B Applied Studies in Hydrology and the Environment 2 0.5
GG664 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Sustainability 0.5
GG665 Environment Planning Theory and Practice 0.5
GG666 Ecosystem Approach to Park Planning 0.5
GG668 Environmental Assessment 0.5
GG669 Energy and Sustainability 0.5
GG671 Contemporary Perspectives on Tourism 0.5
GG672 Human Ecology of Stressed Environments 0.5
GG673 International Perspectives on Resource and Environmental Management 0.5
GG674 Climate and Society 0.5
GG675 A-Z Independent/Directed Studies in Geography 0.5
GG676 Climate Change: Vulnerability and Adaption 0.5
GG677 Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction 0.5
GG678 Climate Change Governance: From Global Treaties to Local Innovation 0.5
GG679 Climate Change Mitigation 0.5
GG685 Theory of Local Economic Development 0.5
GG690 Geographic Thought and Methodology 0.5
GG691 Graduate Student and Faculty Seminar in Geography 0.5
GG692 International Study 0.5
GG693 Special Topics in Human Geography A-Z 0.5
GG694 Special Topics in Environmental and Resource Management A-Z 0.5
GG695 Special Topics in Geomatics A-Z 0.5
GG696 Special Topics in Environmental Science A-Z 0.5
GG698 Master's Research Paper 0.0
GG699 Master's Thesis 0.0
GG891 PhD Comprehensive Examination 0.0
GG899 Doctoral Thesis 0.0