Department of Physics and Computer Science

Graduate Program Co-ordinator: Li Wei, PhD

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CP600 Practical Algorithm Design 0.5
CP601 Seminar in Technology Entrepreneurship 0.5
CP610 Data Analysis 0.5
CP612 Data Management and Analysis 0.5
CP620 Data Mining Programming 0.5
CP621 Data Mining Mobile Devices 0.5
CP630 Enterprise Computing 0.5
CP631 Advanced Parallel Programming 0.5
CP640 Machine Learning 0.5
CP650 User Interface Design and Implementation 0.5
CP669 iPhone Application Programming 0.5
CP670 Android Application Programming 0.5
CP680 Capstone Project 1.0
CP681 Directed Studies 0.5
CP682 Special Topics 0.5
CP685 Cyber Attack and Defense 0.5
CP699 Master's Thesis 2.0