Department of History

The Department, together with the departments of History at the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo, offers a joint program leading to MA and PhD degrees. Students in the program register at one of the three universities but may complete course work and use faculty and library resources at all participating universities. Students are governed by the university in which they are registered and their degree is granted by the home university.

The Tri-University Graduate Program uses a self-administered application process in which the onus is on the applicant to collect and submit all required documentation and material. Only students who are graduates of accredited universities and colleges are eligible for admission. Applications are considered by the co-ordinating committee and a recommendation for admission or rejection is forwarded to the dean of Graduate Studies at the proposed home university.


Graduate Faculty Graduate Faculty - University of Guelph
  • Tara H. Abraham, PhD (McMaster)
  • Donna T. Andrew, PhD (Toronto)
  • Catherine Carstairs, PhD (Toronto)
  • Bill Cormack, PhD (Queen's)
  • Terry A. Crowley, PhD (Duke)
  • Elizabeth L. Ewan, PhD (Edinburgh)
  • Susannah Ferreira, PhD (Johns Hopkins)
  • Peter A. Goddard, DPhil (Oxford)
  • Alan Gordon, PhD (Queen's)
  • Matthew C. Hayday, PhD (Ottawa)
  • Susannah C. Humble Ferreira, PhD (Johns Hopkins)
  • Kris E. Inwood, PhD (Toronto)
  • Kevin J. James, PhD (Edinburgh)
  • Femi Kolapo, PhD (York)
  • Sofie Lachapelle, PhD (Notre Dame)
  • Linda L. Mahood, PhD (Glasgow)
  • P. Douglas McCalla, DPhil (Oxford)
  • Stuart G. McCook, PhD (Princeton)
  • Alan McDougall, DPhil (Oxford)
  • Graeme Morton, PhD (Edinburgh)
  • Jacqueline Murray, PhD (Toronto)
  • Susan Nance, PhD (California, Berkeley)
  • Jesse S. Palsetia, PhD (Toronto)
  • Karen Racine, PhD (Tulane)
  • Richard M. Reid, PhD (Toronto)
  • Norman D. Smith, PhD (UBC)
  • Catharine A. Wilson, PhD (Queen's)
  • Renée Worringer, PhD (Chicago)
Graduate Faculty - University of Waterloo
  • Steven Bednarski, PhD (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  • Gail Cuthbert Brandt, PhD (York)
  • Gary Bruce, PhD (McGill)
  • Kenneth S. Coates, PhD (UBC)
  • John R. English, PhD (Harvard)
  • Marlene Epp, PhD (Toronto)
  • Daniel Gorman, PhD (McMaster)
  • Kimie Hara, PhD (Australian National University)
  • Patrick Harrigan, PhD (Michigan)
  • Geoff Hayes, PhD (Western)
  • Andrew Hunt, PhD (Utah)
  • Greta Kroeker, PhD (Berkeley)
  • P. Whitney Lackenbauer, PhD (Calgary)
  • Heather A. MacDougall, PhD (Toronto)
  • Karin J. MacHardy, PhD (California at Berkeley)
  • Ken M. McLaughlin, PhD (Toronto)
  • Ian Milligan, PhD (York)
  • Wendy L. Mitchinson, PhD (York)
  • Bessma Momani, PhD (Western)
  • Bruce Muirhead, PhD (York)
  • Douglas Peers, PhD (University of London)
  • Julia Roberts, PhD (Toronto)
  • Susan Roy, PhD (UBC)
  • John Sbardellati, PhD (California)
  • Arnold Snyder, PhD (McMaster)
  • Alex Statiev, PhD (Calgary)
  • Lynne Taylor, PhD (Michigan)
  • Ryan Touhey, PhD (Waterloo)
  • James W. Walker, PhD (Dalhousie)

Fields in the PhD program

  • Scottish history
  • Canadian history
  • early modern European history
  • modern European history
  • war and society
  • Cold War history
  • Medieval history
  • world history
  • Indigenous histories of Turtle Island

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
HI600A The Nature and Practice of History 0.5
HI600B The Nature and Practice of History: Research Seminar 0.5
HI610A War and Society in the 20th Century 0.5
HI610B War and Society in the 20th Century: Research Seminar 0.5
HI611A The Second World War 0.5
HI611B The Second World War: Research Seminar 0.5
HI612A Naval History and International Relations 0.5
HI612B Naval History and International Relations: Research Seminar 0.5
HI614A International History, 1890-1956 0.5
HI614B International History, 1890-1956: Research Seminar 0.5
HI615A War and Genocide in Europe, 1939-45 0.5
HI615B War and Genocide in Europe, 1939-45: Research Seminar 0.5
HI616A War and Remembrance in the Twentieth Century 0.5
HI616B War and Remembrance in the Twentieth Century: Research Seminar 0.0
HI617A The War at Home: Home Fronts in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain 0.5
HI617B The War at Home: Home Fronts in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain: Research Seminar 0.5
HI621A Canada to 1900 0.5
HI621B Canada to 1900: Research Seminar 0.5
HI622A Modern Canada 0.5
HI622B Modern Canada: Research Seminar 0.5
HI623A Topics in Regional History 0.5
HI623B Topics in Regional History: Research Seminar 0.5
HI624A Science and Society in Canada 0.5
HI624B Science and Society in Canada: Research Seminar 0.5
HI625A Canada's First Nations 0.5
HI625B Canada's First Nations: Research Seminar 0.5
HI626A Approaches to Local History 0.5
HI626B Approaches to Local History: Research Seminar 0.5
HI631A British History 0.5
HI631B British History: Research Seminar 0.5
HI632A Imperialism and Popular Culture 0.5
HI632B Imperialism and Popular Culture: Research Seminar 0.5
HI633A Society and Nature in the Victorian Age 0.5
HI633B Society and Nature in the Victorian Age: Research Seminar 0.5
HI639A Race and Gender in the United States, 1608-1877 0.5
HI639B Race and Gender in the United States, 1608-1877: Research Seminar 0.5
HI641A The United States, 1865-1917-Industrialism and Its Response 0.5
HI641B The United States, 1865-1917-Industrialism and Its Response: Research Seminar 0.5
HI643A Twentieth-Century American Extremism 0.5
HI643B Twentieth-Century American Extremism: Research Seminar 0.5
HI650A Early Modern Europe 0.5
HI650B Early Modern Europe: Research Seminar 0.5
HI651A Europe and the Overseas World, 1450-1700 0.5
HI651B Europe and the Overseas World, 1450-1700: Research Seminar 0.5
HI652A Russian History 0.5
HI652B Russian History: Research Seminar 0.5
HI653A Paris: Capital of the Nineteenth Century 0.5
HI654A Comparative Revolutions 0.5
HI654B Comparative Revolutions: Research Seminar 0.5
HI655A Communist Eastern Europe 0.5
HI656 Special Topics: Reading Seminar 0.5
HI657 Special Topics: Research Seminar 0.5
HI695 Major Research Paper 1.0
HI696 Directed Studies 0.5
HI699 Thesis 0.0
HI700 Professional Development Seminar 0.5
HI701 Major Field Qualifying Oral Examination 0.5
HI703 Language Requirement 0.5
HI704 Major Field Qualifying Written Examination 0.5
HI707 Thesis Proposal 0.5
HI708 Colloquium 0.5
HI710 Canadian History Major Seminar 1.0
HI712 Scottish History Major Seminar 1.0
HI714 Early Modern European History Major Seminar 1.0
HI715 Modern European History Major Seminar 1.0
HI717 Race, Class, Imperialism and Slavery Major Seminar 1.0
HI719 War and Society Major Seminar 1.0
HI725 Cold War Era History Major Seminar 1.0
HI726 Medieval History Major Seminar 1.0
HI727 World History Major Seminar 1.0
HI728 Indigenous Histories Major Seminar 1.0
HI759 War and Society Minor Seminar 1.0
HI760 Canadian History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI761 British History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI762 Scottish History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI763 Community Studies Minor Seminar 1.0
HI764 Early Modern European History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI765 Modern European History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI766 Gender, Women and Family Minor Seminar 1.0
HI767 Race, Class, Imperialism and Slavery Minor Seminar 1.0
HI768 United States History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI769 International History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI770 Science, Medicine and Technology Minor Seminar 1.0
HI771 Other Minor Seminar 1.0
HI775 Cold War Era History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI776 Medieval History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI777 World History Minor Seminar 1.0
HI778 Indigenous Histories Minor Seminar 1.0
HI799 PhD Thesis 2.0