Department Information on this page
  • BA (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • BDes (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Design
  • BA - General BA without Designation
  • CombBA (Honours) - Honours Combination or Joint (BA)
  • Op - Option
  • Mi - Minor
  • Spec - Specialization
  • Co-op - Co-operative Education
Full-Time Faculty  
General BA without Designation BA
Business Technology Management Program (LSBE) Op
Digital Media and Journalism Program BA (Honours) | Op
English Programs at Brantford BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
French (Faculty of Arts) Mi
Geography (Faculty of Arts) Mi
History Programs at Brantford BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi | Spec
Human Rights and Human Diversity Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi | Spec
Indigenous Studies Program CombBA (Honours) | Mi
International Development Program Op
International Policy Program (Faculty of Arts) Op
Issue Advocacy Program Op
Labour Studies and Career Development BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Law and Society Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Media Studies Option Op
Philosophy (Faculty of Arts) Mi
Professional Writing Minor Mi
Public History (Faculty of Arts) Mi
Religion and Culture (Faculty of Arts) Mi
Social and Environmental Justice Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi | Spec
User Experience Design Program BDes (Honours) | Mi | Spec | Co-op
Youth and Children's Studies Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi