Metalworks Institute Courses Available to Music Students

Students may register for any the following courses on an a la carte basis at Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production and have a maximum of 1.5 credits applied toward their BMus degree (any concentration). These courses shall be done on a Letter of Permission, following normal procedures; by University policy, courses transferred from a College may only be counted toward a Laurier degree if the student earns 75% or above; the credit transferred does not impact a WLU GPA calculation. For courses that normally span more than 1 term, WLU students will be expected to complete just the first term as a standalone course. Availability of courses are subject to scheduling, without expectation that either WLU or MWI will adjust their schedule of required courses to accommodate these options.

MWI Course (WLU Exclusion). — Equivalency (C/S/P classification) BUS1000T: Introduction to the Entertainment Industry 0.25 Credit Junior Elective (Music—C)

AUD2010T: Principles of Sound and Acoustics 0.25 Credit Junior Elective (Non-music/Science)

AUD2000T + AUD2050P: Digital Technologies + Digital Audio Workshop 0.5 Credit Senior Elective (Music—P)

AUD2020T: Audio Post Production 0.25 Credit Senior Elective (Music—P)

AUD2180T + AUD2190P: Recording Engineering + Recording Studio Workshop 0.5 Credit Senior Elective (Music—P)

AUD2030T + AUD2110P: Midi & Synthesis + Midi & Synthesis Workshop (WLU exclusion: MU251T) 0.5 Credit Senior Elective (Music—P)

(Paired courses above may not be separated for credit).

For the purpose of some program requirements, Senior Elective credits from MWI shall be considered equivalent to 200-level courses.