Social Work - Undergraduate Program

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SK111 Introduction to Social Welfare 0.5
SK121 Introduction to Social Work: Values, Ethics and Practice 0.5
SK211 Human Behaviour and Environment 0.5
SK212 Social Work as Transformative Action 0.5
SK221 Social Policy 0.5
SK223 Critical Issues in Social Work Practice 0.5
SK224 Communication and Interviewing Skills 0.5
SK311 Reconciliation and Indigenous-Social Work Relations 0.5
SK312 Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis 0.5
SK313 Practice with Groups 0.5
SK314 Practice with Families and Children 0.5
SK315 Practice with Individuals 0.5
SK321 Community Practice 0.5
SK322 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis 0.5
SK399 Field 1 (360 hrs in 12 wks) 1.5
SK401 Critical Disability Perspectives 0.5
SK411 Human Sexuality and Social Work 0.5
SK412 Creative Arts in Social Work Practice 0.5
SK421 Social Movements, Social Justice and Vulnerable Populations 0.5
SK422 Indigenous Wholistic Healing 0.5
SK423 Child Welfare Practice 0.5
SK430 Violence in Families 0.5
SK431 Responding to Global Crises 0.5
SK432 Health Care and Social Work Practice 0.5
SK433 Working with Immigrant and Refugee Peoples 0.5
SK470 Special Topics 0.5
SK480 Directed Studies 0.5
SK499 Field 2 (360 hrs in 12 wks) 1.5