Music Courses

Music 201 Series Courses

MU201 series courses are designed for specific professional training. Students will be admitted based on their programs and their professional goals.

Music Courses: Non-Music Majors

Several music courses, including special topics courses, may be available to students in other faculties. Consult the Faculty of Music. As a rule, only students registered in the Faculty of Music may take practical study courses. However, students in other faculties who audition successfully for the WLU Orchestra or Wind Ensemble may also register for practical study in their instrument, studio space permitting, with the Dean's permission.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
MU100 Music and its Contexts 0.5
MU102A Foundational Vocal Techniques (Non-Voice Majors) 0.25
MU102B Foundational Vocal Techniques (Voice Majors) 0.25
MU121 History of Rock Music 0.5
MU136 Musical Skills Lab I 0.25
MU137 Musical Skills Lab I 0.25
MU141 Introduction to Community Music 0.5
MU142 Foundations of Popular and Commercial Music 0.5
MU145A Musicianship I 0.25
MU145B Musicianship II 0.25
MU146 CM Ensemble I 0.5
MU158 Introduction to Music Therapy 0.5
MU160 Composition I 0.5
MU161 Theory I 0.5
MU162 Theory II 0.5
MU180 Special Topics in Music 0.5
MU181 Ensemble 0.5
MU181B Special Ensemble 0.25
MU181C Special Ensemble 0.25
MU182 Ensemble 0.5
MU183 Chamber Music 0.5
MU190A Practical Study 1.0
MU190B Practical Study 1.0
MU194 Class Voice 0.5
MU195 Class Drumming 0.5
MU196 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU196B Special Practical Study 0.5
MU196C Alternative Practical Study 0.5
MU197 Music Workshop 1.0
MU200 Managing an Arts-Centered Career 0.5
MU201A Elementary Techniques 0.25
MU201B Bassoon Techniques 0.25
MU201C Clarinet Techniques 0.25
MU201D Double Bass Techniques 0.25
MU201E Flute Techniques 0.25
MU201F French Horn Techniques 0.25
MU201G Guitar Techniques I 0.25
MU201H Oboe Techniques 0.25
MU201J Percussion Techniques 0.5
MU201L Saxophone Techniques 0.25
MU201M Trombone Techniques 0.25
MU201N Trumpet Techniques 0.25
MU201O Tuba Techniques 0.25
MU201P Violin/Viola Techniques 0.5
MU201Q Cello Techniques 0.25
MU201R Voice Techniques 0.5
MU201T Guitar Techniques II 0.25
MU202 Approaches to Music Education 0.5
MU203 Methods for Teaching Music at the Intermediate/Senior Levels (Secondary School) 0.5
MU204 Music Education Workshop III 0.5
MU208 Introduction to Elementary Music Education 0.5
MU225 Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry 0.5
MU226 Monetizing your Musical Creations: Royalties and Licensing 0.5
MU227 Record Deals and Music Production 0.5
MU228 The Business of Being a Professional Musician 0.5
MU236 Musical Skills Lab II 0.25
MU237 Musical Skills Lab III 0.25
MU240 Music Making and Social Justice 0.5
MU242 Structure in Popular Music 0.5
MU243 Musical Cultures 0.5
MU245A Musicianship III 0.25
MU245B Musicianship IV 0.25
MU246 CM Ensemble II 0.5
MU251T Music and New Technology 0.5
MU252 Electro-Acoustic Music 0.5
MU253 Introduction to Accompanying and Keyboard Skills 0.5
MU257 Music Workshop 0.5
MU260A Composition IIa 0.5
MU260B Composition IIb 0.5
MU264 Theory III and IV 1.0
MU265 Jazz Harmony I 0.5
MU266 Theory III 0.5
MU267 Jazz and Contemporary Music Harmony II 0.5
MU268 Theory IV 0.5
MU269 Jazz Arranging I 0.5
MU270 Music History I 0.5
MU271 Music History II 0.5
MU274 Women and Music 0.5
MU275 Music of the World 0.5
MU280 Special Topics in Music 0.5
MU281 Ensemble 0.5
MU281B Special Ensemble 0.25
MU281C Special Ensemble 0.25
MU282 Ensemble 0.5
MU283 Chamber Music 0.5
MU284 Acting for Singers I 0.5
MU290A Practical Study 1.0
MU290B Practical Study for Performance Majors 1.0
MU290D Practical Study for Diploma Students 1.5
MU291 Vocal Literature 0.5
MU292A Organ Literature, Design and Construction to 1700 0.5
MU292B Organ Literature, Design and Construction since 1700 0.5
MU293 Keyboard Literature 0.5
MU294 Diction in Singing 0.5
MU295G Class Guitar 1.0
MU295K Class Keyboard 1.0
MU296 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU296B Special Practical Study 0.5
MU296C Alternative Practical Study 0.5
MU296P Class Piano 0.5
MU297 Music Workshop 1.0
MU298 Introduction to Opera 1.0
MU302 Music in Community 0.5
MU304 Music in Special Education 0.5
MU308 Advanced Methods in Music Education, Elementary Level 0.5
MU310 Music, Sound and Environment 0.5
MU327 Pedagogy and Integrated Wellness 5.0
MU336 Musical Skills Lab IV 0.25
MU337 Musical Skills Lab V 0.25
MU340 CM Principles & Practices 0.5
MU341 Leadership & Facilitation in CM Contexts 0.5
MU342 Analysis of Popular Music 0.5
MU343 Public Musicology 0.5
MU344 Songwriting and Song Analysis 0.5
MU346 CM Ensemble III 0.5
MU352 Principles of Music Therapy 0.5
MU353 Inclusive Arts for Children 1.0
MU357 Music Workshop 0.5
MU358 Choral Techniques I 0.5
MU359 Directed Studies 0.5
MU360 Composition III 1.0
MU361 Tonal Counterpoint 0.5
MU363 Music Therapy Practica I and II 0.5
MU364 Foundations of Clinical Musicianship 0.5
MU365 Improvisation I 0.5
MU366 Composition for non-majors III 0.5
MU367 Orchestration 0.5
MU368 Music, Culture, and Community 0.5
MU372 Music in the Baroque Period 0.5
MU373 Music in the Classical Period 0.5
MU374 Music in the Romantic Period 0.5
MU375 Music and Modernism 1890-1975 0.5
MU376 Studies in the History of a Musical Genre 0.5
MU377 Contemporary Music Since 1975 0.5
MU378 Studies in the History of Opera 0.5
MU380 Special Topics in Music 0.5
MU381 Ensemble 0.5
MU381B Special Ensemble 0.25
MU381C Special Ensemble 0.25
MU382 Ensemble 0.5
MU383 Chamber Music 0.5
MU384 Acting for Singers II 0.5
MU386 Performance Practice 0.5
MU387 Orchestral Literature 0.5
MU390A Practical Study 1.0
MU390B Practical Study for Performance Majors 1.5
MU390C Alternative Practical Study 1.0
MU390E Practical Study for Performance Majors 0.75
MU391 Vocal Pedagogy 0.5
MU392A Practice and Literature of Church Music I 0.5
MU392B Practice and Literature of Church Music II 0.5
MU393 Accompanying 0.5
MU394 Conducting I 0.5
MU395 Wind, Brass and Percussion Orchestral Repertoire Performance 0.5
MU396 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU396B Special Practical Study 0.5
MU396C Alternative Practical Study 0.5
MU397 Music Workshop 1.0
MU398 Practice of Opera I 1.0
MU399 Keyboard Duo/Duet 0.5
MU402 Seminar in Music Education 0.5
MU427 Pedagogy Practicum 0.5
MU440 Community Music Capstone 1.0
MU441 CM Creative Project 1.0
MU442A IMA Creation: Composition 0.5
MU442B IMA Creation: Electronic Music/Sound Art 0.5
MU442C IMA Creation: Songwriting 0.5
MU442D IMA Creation: Music for Visual Media 0.5
MU443A IMA Production: Arranging 0.5
MU443B IMA Production: Live Concert Production 0.5
MU443C IMA Production: Recorded Production 0.5
MU444A IMA Performance: Improvisation 0.5
MU444B IMA Performance: Conducting 0.5
MU444C IMA Performance: Standards 0.5
MU444D IMA Performance: Ensemble 0.5
MU446 CM Ensemble IV 0.5
MU453 Music Therapy Theory and Research 0.5
MU454 Medical Music Therapy 0.5
MU455A Music Therapy Practica III 0.25
MU455C Music Therapy Practica IV 0.25
MU458A Music Therapy Internship I 1.5
MU459B Music Therapy Internship II 1.5
MU460 Composition IV 1.0
MU461 Post-tonal Analysis 0.5
MU463 Intro to Schenkerian Analysis 0.5
MU464 Advanced Clinical Musicianship 0.5
MU465 Improvisation II 0.5
MU466 Composition for non-majors IV 0.5
MU470 Music and Musicology 0.5
MU471 Music and Medievalism 0.5
MU472 Cross-Cultural Intersections 0.5
MU473 Music in Popular Culture 0.5
MU474 Music, Culture and Technology 0.5
MU475 Studies in Music Aesthetics and Criticism 0.5
MU478 Directed Studies 1.0
MU479 Directed Studies 0.5
MU480 Special Topics in Music 0.5
MU481 Ensemble 0.5
MU481B Special Ensemble 0.25
MU481C Special Ensemble 0.25
MU482 Ensemble 0.5
MU483 Chamber Music 0.5
MU488 Chamber Music 1.0
MU490A Practical Study 1.0
MU490B Practical Study and Recital for Performance Students 1.5
MU490C Alternative Practical Study 1.0
MU491A Advanced Practical Study 0.5
MU491B Advanced Practical Study 1.0
MU491C Chamber Music Recital 0.5
MU491R Advanced Practical Study, Master Class and Recital 1.5
MU493 Piano Pedagogy 0.5
MU494 Conducting II 0.5
MU495 Wind, Brass and Percussion Orchestral Repertoire Performance 0.5
MU496 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU496B Special Practical Study 0.5
MU496C Alternative Practical Study 0.5
MU498 Practice of Opera II 1.0