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BU Course Notes

Students not registered in Honours Business Administration (BBA) must obtain permission of the School to take courses in business administration (BU courses) other than BU111, BU121, BU127 and BU247.

ENTR (Entrepreneurship) Courses

ENTR courses are listed below the BU course listing.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
BU111 Understanding the Business Environment 0.5
BU121 Critical Thinking and Communication Skills 0.5
BU127 Introduction to Financial Accounting 0.5
BU205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.5
BU208 Interpersonal Communication 0.5
BU223 Fundamentals of Finance 0.5
BU225 Fundamentals of Operations 0.5
BU231 Business Law 0.5
BU233 Personal Finance 0.5
BU247 Managerial Accounting 0.5
BU252 Introduction to Marketing Management 0.5
BU255 Managerial Statistics 0.5
BU275 Business Decision Models 0.5
BU283 Financial Management I 0.5
BU288 Organizational Behaviour I 0.5
BU321 Social Entrepreneurship 0.5
BU353 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance 0.5
BU354 Human Resources Management 0.5
BU357 Taxation I 0.5
BU362 Applied Marketing 0.5
BU375 Operations Management 0.5
BU381 Strategic Management I 0.5
BU387 Intermediate Accounting I 0.5
BU393 Financial Management II 0.5
BU397 Intermediate Accounting II 0.5
BU398 Organizational Behaviour II 0.5
BU400 Advanced Equity Analysis I 0.5
BU401 Competition Case Analysis & Presentation 0.5
BU403 Entrepreneurial Finance 0.5
BU405 Procurement and Supply Management 0.5
BU408 Recruitment and Selection 0.5
BU409 Creative Thinking for Marketing Managers 0.5
BU410 Advanced Equity Analysis II 0.5
BU411 Business Strategy for Sustainability 0.5
BU412 Services Marketing Management 0.5
BU413 Personal Financial Planning and Management 0.5
BU414 Occupational Health and Safety 0.5
BU415 Introduction to Management Information Systems 0.5
BU416 International Finance and Accounting 0.5
BU417 Financial Statement Analysis 0.5
BU418 Strategic Human Resources Planning 0.5
BU419 Property and Liability Insurance Management 0.5
BU421 Managing the Family Enterprise 0.5
BU422 Marketing Research 0.5
BU423 Options, Futures and Swaps 0.5
BU425 Business Analytics 0.5
BU429 Capital Market Issues in Property and Liability Insurance 0.5
BU430 Financial Markets & Securities Trading 0.5
BU431 Management Consulting Practicum 0.5
BU432 Consumer Behaviour 0.5
BU433 Management of Financial Institutions 0.5
BU435 Supply Chain Management 0.5
BU442 Marketing and Society 0.5
BU443 International Financial Management 0.5
BU445 Information Systems for Supply Chain Management 0.5
BU447 Advanced Auditing 0.5
BU448 Strategic Compensation in Canada 0.5
BU449 Fixed Income Analysis 0.5
BU451 Law and Entrepreneurship 0.5
BU452 Marketing Strategy 0.5
BU453 Working Capital Management 0.5
BU455 Transportation and Facilities Management 0.5
BU459 Marketing and Social Networks 0.5
BU460 Laurier Start-Up Fund 0.5
BU461 Seminar in Business Policy 0.5
BU462 Business-to-Business Marketing 0.5
BU463 Advanced Corporate Finance 0.5
BU464 Labour Relations 0.5
BU466 Taxation II 0.5
BU467 Advanced Management Accounting 0.5
BU468 Organizational Change and Development 0.5
BU469 Global Marketing Management 0.5
BU470 Brand Management 0.5
BU471 International Strategic Management 0.5
BU472 Marketing Communications 0.5
BU473 Investment Management 0.5
BU474 Training and Development 0.5
BU477 Auditing 0.5
BU479 High-Tech Marketing 0.5
BU480 Directed Studies 0.5
BU482 Sales Management 0.5
BU483 Life and Health Insurance 0.5
BU485 Environmental Management for Operations 0.5
BU486 Data Analytics and Accounting Information Systems 0.5
BU487 Advanced Accounting 0.5
BU488 Leadership 0.5
BU489 International Organizational Behaviour 0.5
BU490 Major Project 1.0
BU491 Strategic Management II 0.5
BU492 Seminar in Marketing 0.5
BU493 Seminar in Finance 0.5
BU495 Seminar on Quantitative Business Analysis/Operations Management 0.5
BU496 Special Topics in Accounting 0.5
BU497 Seminar in Accounting 0.5
BU498 Seminar in Organizational Behaviour 0.5
BU499 Minor Project 0.25
ENTR100 Introduction to Business Principles for Entrepreneurs 0.5
ENTR200 The Entrepreneurial Method 0.5
ENTR300 Business Model Creation 0.5
ENTR301 Business Model Execution 0.5
ENTR310 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship 0.5
ENTR480 Independent Research 0.5