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Statistics [ST] Courses below Mathematics [MA] listing:

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Statistics Courses

Statistics courses have a discipline code of ST and appear below the Mathematics course listing.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
MA100 Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences 0.5
MA101 Calculus I for the Natural Sciences 0.5
MA102 Introduction to Functions and Differential Calculus 0.5
MA103 Calculus I 0.5
MA104 Calculus II 0.5
MA120 Introduction to Discrete Structures 0.5
MA121 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs 0.5
MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra 0.5
MA127 Mathematics for Business Technology Management 0.5
MA129 Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences 0.5
MA170 Introduction to Mathematics for Finance 0.5
MA200 Advanced Calculus 0.5
MA201 Multivariable Calculus 0.5
MA205 Differential Equations I 0.5
MA207 Introduction to Mathematical Software 0.5
MA215 Set Theory 0.5
MA218 Euclidean Geometry 0.5
MA220 Mathematics for Data Analysis and Computing 0.5
MA222 Linear Algebra 0.5
MA233 Problem Solving in Mathematics 0.5
MA235 Introduction to Game Theory 0.5
MA238 Discrete Mathematics 0.5
MA250 Introduction to Analysis 0.5
MA270 Financial Mathematics I 0.5
MA287 Mathematical Models for Natural Sciences 0.5
MA304 Introduction to Complex Analysis 0.5
MA305 Differential Equations II 0.5
MA306 Partial Differential Equations I (Partial Differential Eqns I) 0.5
MA307 Numerical Analysis 0.5
MA317 Number Theory 0.5
MA318 Geometry 0.5
MA323 Introduction to Groups and Rings 0.5
MA338 Graph Theory 0.5
MA339 Directed Studies in Mathematics 0.5
MA350 Real Analysis 0.5
MA355 Continuous and Discrete Transforms 0.5
MA360 Topics in Applied Mathematics 0.5
MA361 Methods in Applied Mathematics 0.5
MA370 Financial Mathematics II 0.5
MA371 Computational Methods for Data Analysis 0.5
MA372 Optimization 0.5
MA373 Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics 0.5
MA395 Special Topics 0.5
MA405 Dynamical Systems 0.5
MA406 Partial Differential Equations II (Partial Differential Eqns II) 0.5
MA418 Differential Geometry 0.5
MA422 Advanced Linear Algebra 0.5
MA425 Group Theory 0.5
MA450 Measure and Integration 0.5
MA451 Introduction to Stochastic Calculus 0.5
MA464 Mathematical Biology 0.5
MA465 General Topology 0.5
MA470 Financial Mathematics III 0.5
MA471 Computational Methods in Finance 0.5
MA475 Ring and Field Theory 0.5
MA477 Quantitative Financial Risk Management 0.5
MA480 Directed Research 1.0
MA485 Directed Studies 0.5
MA487 Mathematical Modelling in the Applied Sciences and Finance 0.5
MA489 Honours Seminar 0.5
MA495 Special Topics 0.5
ST230 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Science 0.5
ST231 Statistical Methods for Life and Health Sciences 0.5
ST259 Probability I 0.5
ST260 Introduction to Statistics 0.5
ST344 Introduction to Experimental Design and Survey Sampling 0.5
ST358 Applied Probability 0.5
ST359 Probability II 0.5
ST361 Mathematical Statistics 0.5
ST362 Regression Analysis 0.5
ST462 Advanced Regression Analysis 0.5
ST463 Computational Statistics 0.5
ST473 Financial Data Analysis 0.5
ST474 Monte Carlo Methods 0.5
ST490 Stochastic Processes 0.5
ST491 Survival Analysis 0.5
ST492 Time Series Analysis 0.5
ST494 Statistical Learning 0.5