The Psychology Department offers four single honours programs:
Honours BSc Psychology Program
Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience Program
Honours BA Psychology Program
Honours BA Psychology Research Specialist Program

Four joint honours program options are available as well:
Honours BSc Biology and Psychology program
Honours BSc Computer Science and Psychology
Honours BSc Computer Science and Psychology: Computation and Cognitive Neuroscience Stream
Honours BA Psychology in Combination with another Honours BA Program.

Programs descriptions are given below and also consult the Psychology Department and the Psychology website for additional information about each program.

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Full-Time Faculty

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PS101 Introduction to Psychology I 0.5
PS102 Introduction to Psychology II 0.5
PS240-245 Special Topics 0.5
PS250 Forensic Psychology 0.5
PS260 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 0.5
PS261 Introduction to Learning 0.5
PS262 Introduction to Perception 0.5
PS263 Behavioural Neuroscience 0.5
PS264 Motivation and Emotion 0.5
PS267 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience 0.5
PS268 Drugs and Behaviour 0.5
PS269 Sex, Evolution, and Behaviour 0.5
PS270 Social Psychology 0.5
PS271 Personality 0.5
PS272 Group Processes 0.5
PS275 Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood 0.5
PS276 Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Adolescence and Young Adulthood 0.5
PS280 Abnormal Psychology 0.5
PS282 Community Psychology 0.5
PS283 Educational Psychology 0.5
PS284 Organizational Psychology 0.5
PS285 Health Psychology 0.5
PS286 Sport Psychology 0.5
PS287 Psychology of Gender 0.5
PS288 Applications of Human Behaviour Modification 0.5
PS295 Introduction to Research Methods 0.5
PS296 Introduction to Statistics 0.5
PS330-345 Special Topics 0.5
PS350 Advanced Topics in Forensic Psychology 0.5
PS360 Research in Cognitive Psychology 0.5
PS361 Research in Learning 0.5
PS362 Research in Perception 0.5
PS363 Research in Behavioural Neuroscience 0.5
PS365 Introduction to Neuropsychology 0.5
PS366 Introduction to Psycholinguistics 0.5
PS367 Research in Cognitive Neuroscience 0.5
PS368 Functional Neuroanatomy 0.5
PS370 Research in Social Psychology 0.5
PS371 Atypical Development 0.5
PS373 Close Relationships 0.5
PS375 Research in Developmental Psychology 0.5
PS377 Developmental Psychology: Adults and Elders 0.5
PS378 Language Development 0.5
PS379 Psychology of Exceptional Children, Youth and Adults 0.5
PS381 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 0.5
PS383 Environment, Psychology and Action 0.5
PS389 Positive Psychology 0.5
PS394 Linear Models 0.5
PS395 Analysis of Variance 0.5
PS398 Qualitative Methods in Psychology 0.5
PS410 History of Psychology 0.5
PS451 Applied Forensic Psychology 0.5
PS460 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology 0.5
PS461 Seminar in Learning 0.5
PS462 Seminar in Perception 0.5
PS463 Seminar in Behavioural Neuroscience 0.5
PS467 Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience 0.5
PS470 Seminar in Social Psychology 0.5
PS472 Applied Social Psychology 0.5
PS474 Applications in Social Development 0.5
PS475 Seminar in Developmental Psychology 0.5
PS476 Applications in Cognitive Development 0.5
PS480 Seminar in Personality and Abnormal Psychology 0.5
PS482 Seminar in Community Psychology 0.5
PS487 Psychological Measurement and Testing 0.5
PS490 Directed Studies 0.5
PS492 Applied Community Research 1.0
PS499 Thesis 1.0