Practical Ethics and Society Program
Philosophy Department

The option in Practical Ethics and Society provides students with the theoretical grounding and practical skills needed for in-depth engagement with ethical and social concerns. Emphasis is on developing the critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities crucial to examining the norms that guide our decisions and actions at all levels: individual, communal, and global. Students will engage in the analysis and critique of various approaches to ethical and social issues. In addition, they will have the opportunity to focus on specific practical issues in areas such as business, the law, health and medicine, the environment, politics, and human rights. The knowledge gained can be leveraged in both the personal and the professional arena; this option fosters the enhancement of individual consciousness of the values and norms that shape our world, and it provides skills and understanding that can be applied in many practical spheres, including professional, decision-making, public policy, and social activism.

Practical Ethics and Society Option