Muslim Studies Program

The Muslim Studies Option offers:

  • An interdisciplinary/multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Islam and Muslim societies that integrates perspectives and methodological approaches from both the humanities and social sciences.
  • The study of the historical, philosophical and theological development of Islamic thought and traditions as well as contemporary sociological, political and cultural contexts of lived Muslim experiences within a broad geographic context that incorporates a global, transnational as well as local focus.
  • An emphasis on an integrative analysis of Islam and Muslims from historical, scriptural, philosophical, cultural and gender perspectives that inform the contemporary global relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
MZ200 Introduction to Muslim Studies 0.5
MZ201 Religious Heritage of Islam 0.5
MZ300 Special Topics in Muslim Studies 0.5
MZ301 Muslims in Europe 0.5
MZ338 Islamic Mysticism 0.5
MZ339 Dynamics of Islamophobia 0.5
MZ377 Gender and Islam 0.5
RE213 Religious Heritage of Islam 0.5
RE301 Muslims in Europe 0.5
RE339 Dynamics of Islamaphobia 0.5