Department of Languages and Literatures

The French program is a dynamic and innovative program offering a wide variety of courses in language, literature, culture and film. Students gain a mastery of the French language and an in-depth knowledge of intellectual and cultural developments in the French-speaking world while developing a vital set of analytical skills. The French faculty is composed of teacher-scholars committed to providing a lively and engaging classroom experience and to contributing to scholarly research in such diverse fields as linguistics, language pedagogy, literary criticism, cultural studies and film studies. The program is strong and diversified, with emphasis on immersion of the student in the culture and language of study. All courses are taught in French.

Honours BA, Combined Honours BA and Minor:

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Department of Languages and Literatures

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
FR101 Introductory French I 0.5
FR102 Introductory French II 0.5
FR150 Practical French I 0.5
FR151 Practical French II 0.5
FR220 Special Topics 0.5
FR225 Le français chanté [Music in French] 0.5
FR233 Early Modern France 0.5
FR234 A Century of Revolutions 0.5
FR235 20th Century France 0.5
FR237 Québec Culture: Language, Nation and Identity 0.5
FR238 Francophone Culture 0.5
FR240 Media and the News in French 0.5
FR250 Upper intermediate French I 0.5
FR251 Upper intermediate French II 0.5
FR260 French Pronunciation and Phonetics 0.5
FR270 Foundations in French writing 0.5
FR280 Reading(s): An Interactive Approach to Literature 0.5
FR285 French History through Film 0.5
FR288 Cultural and Literary Representations of Montréal 1.0
FR290 A Journey through French Literature 0.5
FR300 Teaching in French: Critical Reflection and Practice 0.5
FR330 Advanced Translation I 0.5
FR331 Advanced Translation II 0.5
FR332 The Princess and the Witch 0.5
FR334 Self and Other 0.5
FR335 Contemporary Literature 0.5
FR337 Quebec Cinema: The Politics of Memory 0.5
FR338 Francophone Myths, Legends and Voodoo 0.5
FR360 Academic writing in French 0.5
FR370 Graphic Novels and Animation 0.5
FR385 Innovations in French Cinema 0.5
FR433 The Rise of Women Writers 0.5
FR434 Love, Sex and Jealousy 0.5
FR435 Literature in Revolt 0.5
FR437 Québec Literature: Critiquing Family, Church and State 0.5
FR438 Family Feuds in Francophone Literature 0.5
FR439 Directed Studies 0.5
FR440 Special Topics 0.5
FR460 Atelier in Oral Expression through Drama 0.5
FR470 Creative writing in French 0.5
FR485 Adaptation: French Novels into Film 0.5