Archaeology and Heritage Studies
Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Honours BA program, Honours BA Combined, Minor:

Archaeology is the study of human culture worldwide through the physical remains left by earlier peoples. Modern archaeology is concerned with the preservation of archaeological resources on the local, regional and international level.

At Laurier the breadth of Archaeology is reflected by the faculty members who study the ancient cultures of the Near East, Greece, and Rome, as well as the North American aboriginal peoples and European cultures after 1500. The scope of faculty expertise also spans specializations in archaeological material science, archaeological survey, bioarchaeology, as well as environmental, historic, industrial, prehistoric and public archaeology. Field, lab and classroom instruction in these areas are complemented by other courses in related discipline, such as Anthropology, Ancient Studies, History, Geography, and Philosophy. This engaged, cross-disciplinary approach has led the Archaeology program at Laurier to become one of the most comprehensive at the undergraduate level in Canada, providing students with a very broad understanding of the discipline.

Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Full-Time Faculty

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
AR101 Invitation to Archaeology 0.5
AR102 Doing Archaeology 0.5
AR104 Greece: Minotaur to Alexander 0.5
AR105 Ancient Rome: Not Just Caesar 0.5
AR201 Amorous Aphrodite to Zesty Zeus: An Archaeological Approach to Myth 0.5
AR203 Becoming Human 0.5
AR205 Archaeology of the Middle East 0.5
AR216 Blood, Sweat and Sport: The Archaeology of Athletics 0.5
AR217 In Small Things Forgotten: Artifact Analysis 0.5
AR219 Introduction to Field Archaeology 1.0
AR221 Archaeology of Greece and Rome 0.5
AR222 Archaeological Mysteries of North America 0.5
AR225 History of Ancient Greece 0.5
AR226 History of Ancient Rome 0.5
AR228 Who Owns the Past? 0.5
AR229 Indigenous Archaeology 0.5
AR230 Fakes, Frauds and Mysteries 0.5
AR246 Environmental Archaeology 0.5
AR250 Digital Heritage and Archaeology 0.5
AR252 Life in the Stonehenge Era 0.5
AR290 Special Topics 0.5
AR332 Children in the Ancient World 0.5
AR333 Archaeology of Disasters 0.5
AR336 Cultural Resource Management in Archaeology 0.5
AR337 Archaeology of Religion 0.5
AR338 Current Issues in Classical Archaeology 0.5
AR341 Analytical Archaeology and Data Management 0.5
AR342 Above-Ground Archaeology 0.5
AR344 Archaeological Science 0.5
AR364 Investigating Archaeological Landscapes 0.5
AR370 Introduction to Osteology 0.5
AR371 Archaeology of Death: Burial Practices Around the World 0.5
AR372 Managing Archaeological Collections 0.5
AR380 Archaeology in Practice 0.5
AR390 Special Topics 0.5
AR440 Directed Study 0.5
AR452 Advanced Field Archaeology 1.0
AR453 After the Field: The Archaeological Laboratory 0.5
AR460 Paradigms in Archaeology 0.5
AR462 Capstone Seminar in Archaeology 0.5
AR470 Juvenile Osteology 0.5
AR471 Health, Diet and Disease in the Past 0.5