Leadership Program

The Honours BA and Combined BA Leadership Program has suspended admissions beginning 2014/15. The Option and Minor will still be offered.

The Leadership Option and Minor are available at the Brantford and Waterloo Campuses.

The Honours BA Leadership program focuses on the interdisciplinary problems facing our leaders and our organizations. It explores, from a liberal arts perspective, a range of historical and emerging contemporary resources relevant to these challenges. Graduates will find themselves well equipped to understand organizations and leadership, and well prepared for leadership positions in a wide range of organizations.



Leadership Co-ordinating Committee

Leadership and Human Resources Management

Students in the Honours Leadership program may specialize in human resources management through an articulation agreement with Conestoga College. Under this agreement, students who have completed the required 100-level and 200-level OL courses with a minimum GPA of 5.0 in these courses will be eligible to enroll in the post degree/post diploma program in Human Resources Management at Conestoga College. If these students complete these courses with an average of 70% or better, they will receive 4.0 senior OL credits including credit for the following courses: OL212, OL250, OL260, OL311; 1.0 senior miscellaneous credits and the requirement to complete an online course will be waived.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
OL101 Leadership and Personal Development 0.5
OL140 Leadership Foundations 0.5
OL200 Communication Skills for Leadership 0.5
OL201 Applying Leadership Experience 0.5
OL202 Designing Leadership Experience 0.5
OL224 Organizational Leadership 0.5
OL233 Introduction to Social Science Research Methods 0.5
OL251 Workplace Diversity in the 21st Century 0.5
OL260 Organizations and Social Change 0.5
OL270 Leadership: Understanding Followers and Leaders 0.5
OL298 Entrepreneurship 0.5
OL300 Leadership Ethics 0.5
OL301 Development Theories, Approaches, and Issues 0.5
OL311 Teams in Organizations 0.5
OL313 Public Speaking 0.5
OL314 Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills 0.5
OL315 Evaluation Research 0.5
OL322 Non-Profits and NGOs 0.5
OL327 Understanding International Organizations 0.5
OL340 Leadership, Culture and Change 0.5
OL365 Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation 0.5
OL370 Power and Governance in Organizations 0.5
OL380 Directed Studies 0.5
OL401 Leadership Skills: Practice and Application 0.5
OL410 Co-operative Organizations 0.5
OL430 Advanced Topics in Leadership 0.5
OL481 Project Management 0.5
OL485 Expanding Leadership Potential 0.5