Music Minors/Options: Course Categories

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Culture and Society

MU100 - Music and its Contexts
MU202 - Approaches to Music Education
MU203 - Methods for Teaching Music at the Intermediate/Senior Levels (Secondary School)
MU208 - Introduction to Elementary Music Education
MU240 - CM Foundations
MU243 - Musical Cultures
MU274 - Women and Music
MU275 - Music of the World
MU302 - Music in Community
MU304 - Music in Special Education
MU308 - Advanced Methods in Music Education, Elementary Level
MU310 - Music, Sound and Environment
MU340 - CM Principles & Practices
MU341 - Leadership & Facilitation in CM Contexts
MU343 - Public Musicology
MU353* - Inclusive Arts for Children
MU368 - Music, Culture, and Community
MU402 - Seminar in Music Education
MU470 - Music and Musicology
MU472 - Cross-Cultural Intersections
MU473 - Music in Popular Culture
MU474 - Music, Culture and Technology
MU475 - Studies in Music Aesthetics and Criticism

Performance and Production

MU146 - CM Ensemble I
MU160 - Composition I
MU181 - Ensemble
MU200 - Managing an Arts-Centered Career
MU201A° - Elementary Techniques
MU201B° - Bassoon Techniques
MU201C° - Clarinet Techniques
MU201D° - Double Bass Techniques
MU201E° - Flute Techniques
MU201F° - French Horn Techniques
MU201G° - Guitar Techniques I
MU201H° - Oboe Techniques
MU201J - Percussion Techniques
MU201L° - Saxophone Techniques
MU201M° - Trombone Techniques
MU201N° - Trumpet Techniques
MU201O° - Tuba Techniques
MU201P - Violin/Viola Techniques
MU201Q° - Cello Techniques
MU201R - Voice Techniques
MU201T° - Guitar Techniques II
MU246 - CM Ensemble II
MU251T - Music and New Technology
MU269 - Jazz Arranging I
MU281 - Ensemble
MU344 - Songwriting and Song Analysis
MU381 - Ensemble
MU481 - Ensemble

Style and Structure

MU121 - History of Rock Music OC
MU161 - Theory I
MU162 - Theory II
MU242 - Structure in Popular Music
MU265 - Jazz Harmony I
MU266 - Theory III
MU267 - Jazz and Contemporary Music Harmony II
MU268 - Theory IV
MU270 - Music History I
MU271 - Music History II
MU291 - Vocal Literature
MU293 - Keyboard Literature
MU342 - Analysis of Popular Music
MU372 - Music in the Baroque Period
MU373 - Music in the Classical Period
MU374 - Music in the Romantic Period
MU375 - Modern Music 18901975
MU377 - Contemporary Music Since 1975
MU378 - Studies in the History of Opera
MU387 - Orchestral Literature