Women and Gender Studies Program

The Women and Gender Studies program is an interdisciplinary field of study that places women and questions of gender at the centre of inquiry. Our field emphasizes the important role that gender plays in shaping an individual's experiences and how women's lives continue to be left out of traditional approaches to knowledge. We stress the complex ways in which gender is fundamentally linked to class, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, and sexual orientation, and how these aspects shape and construct our sense of self, our roles in society and our institutions. The goal of the Women and Gender Studies program is to encourage students to develop an understanding about the ways in which society thinks about gender by attaining the analytical, oral and writing skills needed to think about the interconnection and nuanced interactions of all these forces in society. Through our devotion to teaching, learning, research, scholarship and creativity, our aim is to engage students in a field that provides tools that can help them to shape their lives and the world around them. Students can earn an Honours BA Women and Gender Studies in combination with another Honours BA program (such as Global Studies, English, Communication Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Psychology or History). A minor in Women and Gender Studies is also available.

Honours Combination BA and Minor:

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Full-Time Faculty Women and Gender Studies Co-ordinating Committee

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
WS100 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies 0.5
WS201 Gender, Subjectivity and Resistance 0.5
WS202 Women and Gender Relations in Canada 0.5
WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture 0.5
WS204 Women, Gender and Work 0.5
WS205 Women, Gender and Visual Culture 0.5
WS208 Violence Against Women 0.5
WS209 Women and Leadership 0.5
WS210 Introduction to Feminist Thought and Action 0.5
WS211 Diverse Masculinities 0.5
WS212 Food and Feminism 0.5
WS213 Feminism and Reproductive Justice 0.5
WS290 Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies 0.5
WS301 Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies 0.5
WS303 Feminist Theory 0.5
WS304 Gender and Colonial Legacies 0.5
WS305 Gender, Culture and Technology 0.5
WS306 Women and Social Justice 0.5
WS310 Transnational Sexualities 0.5
WS311 Women and Environmental (In)justice 0.5
WS390 Directed Studies 0.5
WS400 Independent Research 0.5
WS490 Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies 0.5