Water Science and Environmental Health
Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry and Geography and Environmental Studies

Honours BSc program with or without co-op:

The demand for access to reliable sources of safe and clean water continues to increase with population growth, increased industrial demand, changing land-use patterns and climate change. Meeting these growing demands and fundamental human needs requires an interdisciplinary approach that fosters the discovery and application of knowledge about water resources. Through classroom-based and hands-on lab and field instruction the BSc in Water Science and Environmental Health program trains students in both the underlying scientific principles and theory pertaining to the physical, chemical and biological properties of water, and how these scientific principles can be applied to improve the management and conservation of water and land resources. These principles can be reinforced through a co-operative work placement option, in which academically eligible students will be employed by partners in the private, public or academic sectors. Through a combination of theoretical training and experiential learning opportunities the program provides students with an understanding of environmental and community issues related to water quantity and quality that will allow them to contribute towards sustaining our aquatic resources.

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
WASC202 Global Issues in Water and Environmental Health 0.5
WASC302 Limnology 0.5
WASC303 Field Methods in Applied Water Science 0.5
WASC304 Wetland Science 0.5
WASC401 Water Policy and Legislation 0.5
WASC403 Lab Techniques in Water Science 0.5