Interdisciplinary Courses

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
ISHS200 Gladue Principles 1.0
UNDC100 Introduction to the UNODC 0.25
UNDC101 Integrity and Ethics in Promoting Culture of the Rule of Law 0.25
UNDC102 Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 0.25
UNDC103 Trafficking in Persons/Smuggling of Migrants 0.25
UNDC200 Anti-Corruption 0.25
UNDC201 Transnational Organized Crime 0.25
UNDC202 Illicit Misuse and Trafficking of Firearms 0.25
UNDC203 Digital Technologies and Crime 0.25
UNDC204 Wildlife, Forest and Fisheries Crime 0.25
UNDC205 Counter-Terrorism 0.25