Public Safety Programs

The Honours Bachelor of Arts Policing Degree is available exclusively to police officers and is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the complex dynamics of policing in a modern liberal democracy. All Laurier courses are available online and will be completed on a part-time basis with a maximum of three courses per term. The Honours Bachelor of Arts Policing Combination degree is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in another BA program at any campus, with the exception of online Criminology students. It can be taken on a full- or part-time basis and the courses are only available on-line. The minor is available to any undergraduate student and the courses are only available online. The Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Policing is a completely online program available on a part-time basis to all undergraduate students.

Honours BA, Honours Combination BA, minor:

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Full-Time Faculty Public Safety Co-ordinating Committee

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PD100 Models of Policing 0.5
PD101 Communications for Policing [1] 0.5
PD200 Police Psychology 0.5
PD201 Intercultural Communication in Policing 0.5
PD202 Leadership and Career Development in Law Enforcement 0.5
PD203 Diversity in Policing 0.5
PD205 Psychology and Law Enforcement 0.5
PD206 Public Safety Policy Analysis 0.5
PD224 Organizational Leadership 0.5
PD291 Introduction to Policing 0.5
PD300 Research Methods I (Quantitative Methods) 0.5
PD301 Policing a Complex and Diverse Community 0.5
PD302 Indigenous Peoples’ Political Structures 0.5
PD303 Mental Health, Addiction, and Crime 0.5
PD304 Domestic Violence 0.5
PD305 Media, Social Media, and Crime 0.5
PD306 Ethics, Corruption, and Police Accountability 0.5
PD312 Mental Health and Justice 0.5
PD400 Research Methods II (Qualitative Methods and Legal Research) 0.5
PD401 Civil Unrest: The State's Use of Force Against its Citizens 0.5
PD402 Indigenous Communities and Policing 0.5
PD403 Immigration and Conflict Zones 0.5
PD404 Cybercrime 0.5
PD426 Qualitative Methodologies in Criminology 0.5
SAFE200 Public Safety Administration and Government Relations 0.5
SAFE203 Critical Infrastructures 0.5
SAFE313 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services 0.5
SAFE314 GIS and Data Analysis in Public Safety 0.5
SAFE316 Theories of Correctional Justice 0.5
SAFE402 Cultural Competencies and Trauma 0.5
SAFE416 Information Security in the 21st Century 0.5

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  1. April 29, 2021: Editorial change to exclusion updating