Game Design and Development Program

The Honours BFAA in Game Design and Development degree program is only available at the Brantford Campus.

The Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Game Design & Development will introduce students to all of the skills necessary to conceptualize, create, adapt, and promote a game and use games to create transformations in the social and cultural spaces they inhabit.  Graduates will be well positioned to communicate across the spectrum of gaming professions and understand the unique contributions brought by programmers, designers, story boarders, editors, etc.

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Game Design and Development Co-ordinating Committee

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
DD101 Critical Play 0.5
DD102 Critical Game Design I 0.5
DD111 Games as Art 0.5
DD151 Visual Design for Games 0.5
DD152 Sound Design for Games 0.5
DD153 Pre-Production for Games 0.5
DD220 Meaningful Interactions 0.5
DD261 Critical Game Design II 0.5
DD262 Web Game Development 0.5
DD300 Ethics in Game Design 0.5
DD312 Special Topics 0.5
DD361 Critical Game Design III 0.5
DD362 Mobile Game Development 0.5
DD363 Solo Critical Game Development 0.5
DD410 Capstone Project in Gaming 0.5
DD411 Capstone in Games Entrepreneurship 0.5
DD412 Special Topics 0.5
DD441 Gamification and Gameful Design 0.5
DD442 Escape Room and Puzzle Design 0.5
DD451 Capstone in Critical Game Design I 1.0
DD452 Capstone in Critical Game Design II 1.0
DD490 Directed Studies 0.5