Christian Studies and Global Citizenship Program

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
GC101 Christianity and Global Citizenship 0.5
GC102 Loving God, Self, and the World 0.5
GC171 Interreligious Cooperation for Global Wellbeing 0.5
GC201 Public Faith and Public Theology 0.5
GC202 Survey of the Christian Tradition: The Bible 0.5
GC203 Doing Justice and Christian Social Ethics Today 0.5
GC204 Survey of the Christian Tradition: History and Theology 0.5
GC205 Why Am I Here?: Worldview, Meaning-Making, and Authenticity 0.5
GC221 Canadian Questions 0.5
GC230 Introduction to Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy 0.5
GC231 Restorative Contemplative Arts 0.5
GC232 Introduction to Couples and Families 0.5
GC233 Identity Formation and the Family 0.5
GC234 Eco-consciousness and Spirituality 0.5
GC235 Questioning Ability 0.5
GC241 Engaging Youth Culture 0.5
GC252 Sing a New Song: Christian Music in All Times and Places 0.5
GC270 Jewish Studies and Practice 0.5
GC272 Jewish Business Ethics 0.5
GC275 Antisemitism, Anti-Judaism, and Judeophobia 0.5
GC280 Special Topics in Public Ethics and Spirituality 0.5
GC301 The Bible and Globalization 0.5
GC330 Neuroscience, Social Relationships, and Spirituality 0.5
GC341 Faith and Film 0.5
GC342 A New Global Christianity 0.5
GC343 Christian Studies and Ecojustice 0.5
GC345 Faith and Fiction 0.5
GC346 Faith and Sustainable Development 0.5
GC351 Lift up Your Voice: Leading the People’s Song in Worship 0.5
GC352 Inshallah: Worship and Global Song 0.5
GC353 Sing Fires of Justice: Music towards the Common Good 0.5
GC354 Sounds of the Sacred 0.5
GC355 Introduction to Worship 0.5
GC361 Introduction to Nurturing Faith 0.5
GC362 Jesus in Islam 0.5
GC372 Abrahamic Faiths: Mysticisms 0.5
GC373 Abrahamic Faiths: History/Beliefs 0.5
GC374 Bob Dylan: Jewish Ethics 0.5
GC378 Death, Dying, and Leonard Cohen 0.5
GC380 Special Topics in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship 0.5
GC398 Cross Cultural Encounter I 0.5
GC399 Cross Cultural Encounter II 0.5
GC401 Senior Project and Integration Seminar 1.0
GC480 Special Topic Seminars in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship 0.5