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Course Selection

Course selection for the teacher education program is based on Ontario Legislation (Regulation 347/02), dialogue with the Ontario College of Teachers Accreditation Division, and current research on effective teacher education practices. Integration among the individual courses will be actively sought by the course instructors. All methods courses include common themes related to the conceptual framework.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
EU414I Social Studies, History and Geography Education J/I 0.25
EU414P Social Studies Education I 0.25
EU415I Science and Technology Education J/I 0.25
EU415P Science and Technology Education P/J 0.25
EU418 Mathematics Education (Primary) 0.5
EU419 Mathematics Education (Junior) 0.5
EU420 Mathematics Education (Intermediate) 0.5
EU422I Teaching for the Arts J/I 0.25
EU422P Teaching for the Arts P/J 0.25
EU423I Teaching Health and Physical Education J/I 0.25
EU423P Health and Physical Education P/J 0.25
EU425 Language and Literacy Education (Primary) 0.5
EU426 Language and Literacy Education (Junior) 0.5
EU427 Language and Literacy Education (Intermediate) 0.5
EU430 Literacy Intervention 0.25
EU432 Introduction to Mathematical Cognition and Exceptionalities 0.25
EU433 Environmental Education 0.25
EU434 Global Education 0.25
EU436 French as a Second Language 0.5
EU438 Gifted Education 0.25
EU439 Teaching in Kindergarten 0.25
EU440 Teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools 0.25
EU443 Restorative Practices in Education 0.25
EU444 Social Entrepreneurship in Education 0.25
EU445 International Integrated Continuum 0.25
EU446 Extending Elementary Mathematics Content Knowledge 0.25
EU450A PDS Field Days: Year 1 0.0
EU450B PDS Field Days: Year 2 0.0
EU452 Alternative Placement 0.0
EU453 August Professional Teaching Orientation Week 0.0
EU454 May Professional Teaching Transition 0.0
EU455A Practicum One 0.25
EU455B Practicum Two 0.25
EU455C Practicum Three 0.25
EU455D Practicum Four 0.25
EU455E Practicum Five: Laurier Professional Placement 0.5
EU456 Professional Learning Seminar I 0.5
EU457 Professional Learning Seminar II 0.25
EU460 Teaching Methods: Language Literacy/English 0.25
EU462 Teaching Methods: Mathematics 0.25
EU463 Teaching Methods: Health and Physical Education 0.25
EU464 Teaching Methods: Social Studies, History and Geography 0.25
EU465 Teaching Methods: Science and Technology 0.25
EU466 Teaching Methods: French as a Second Language 0.5
EU467 Teaching Methods: Vocal and Instrumental Music 0.5
EU470 Multi-Disciplinary Specialized Teaching Methods 0.25
EU480 School and Society 0.5
EU481 Principles and Applications of Learning and Development 0.5
EU482I Curriculum Foundations J/I 0.5
EU482P Curriculum Foundations P/J 0.5
EU485I Integrated Curriculum I J/I 0.25
EU485P Integrated Curriculum I P/J 0.25
EU486I Integrated Curriculum II J/I 0.25
EU486P Integrated Curriculum II P/J 0.25
EU487I Assessment and Evaluation J/I 0.25
EU487P Assessment and Evaluation P/J 0.25
EU489 Special Education I 0.25
EU490 Diversity Series: Special Education II 0.25
EU491 Diversity Series: English Language Learners in the Classroom 0.25
EU492 Diversity Series: Equity and Diversity in Schools 0.25
EU493 Diversity Series: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) Topics in Educational Contexts 0.25
EU494 Diversity Series: Mental Health in the Classroom Context 0.25
EU495 Self-Regulated Learning 0.25
EU499 Special Topics 0.25