User Experience Design Program

Program Co-ordinator: Abby Goodrum, PhD, 519-756-8228, ext 5349,

The User Experience Design (UX) BDes degree provides students with an interdisciplinary liberal arts background for mastery of all aspects of user-centred design, and qualifies graduates as user experience design practitioners or consultants in website and application development, as well as immersive and non-digital environments.

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
UX100 Design Thinking I: Foundations 0.5
UX103 UX Strategy 0.5
UX200 Design Thinking II 0.5
UX201 Maker Lab I 0.5
UX202 Maker Lab II 0.5
UX204 Digital Technology Lab 0.5
UX205 Information Design 0.5
UX211 Graphic Design Studio I 0.5
UX212 Graphic Design Studio II 0.5
UX220 Web Design Lab I 0.5
UX221 Web Design Lab II 0.5
UX230 Interaction Design I 0.5
UX271 Research in User Experience Design 0.5
UX306 Design of Immersive Spaces 0.5
UX307 Designing for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 0.5
UX308 Mobile Application Design Lab 0.5
UX312 Graphic Design Studio III 0.5
UX330 Interaction Design II 0.5
UX400 Capstone Design Project 1.0
UX410 Special Topics in UX 0.5
UX490 Directed Studies 0.5