Honours Science Program

The Honours BSc in Science is a broad-based, flexible program that will provide students with an opportunity to define and pursue their interests across a variety of scientific disciplines. This program will leverage the strengths of existing programs in the Faculty of Science and fill identified student needs and interests. One of the potential audiences for an Honours BSc in Science are students who enter first year knowing that they are interested in science, but unsure of which major they wish to declare. The Honours BSc in Science would offer students the opportunity to experience several science disciplines before committing to a major. Because many of the 100-level required courses are the same across science programs, starting their academic career in the Honours BSc in Science will afford students the opportunity to transition later into a major of their choice, if they wish, by equipping them with the necessary pre-requisites for upper level study. A second audience for this program is students who do not wish to specialize in a particular discipline in their undergraduate career, and who prefer instead a more broad-based science education that would give them the necessary pre-requisites for further study in professional science-based fields.

The program will provide students with foundational courses in first year, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and psychology. The second year will include some required courses in physics, chemistry, biology, and statistics, but will offer students more flexibility in terms of course selection. In the third and fourth years of the program, students can select the science courses that are of interest to them, offering the flexibility to pursue courses that meet their own learning goals and post-graduation plans.

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