Kinesiology and Physical Education

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
KP100 Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy 0.5
KP112 Physical Fitness 0.25
KP115 Court Sports 0.25
KP118 Strength Training 0.25
KP141 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Kinesiology 0.5
KP161 Fundamentals of Motor Learning and Control 0.5
KP181 Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology 0.5
KP200 Applied Movement Skills and Athlete Development (BKin) 0.5
KP201 Applied Movement Skills: Fitness and Strength Training (BKin) 0.5
KP202 Applied Movement Skills: Endurance Sports 0.5
KP211 Sociology of Physical Activity 0.5
KP217 Sociocultural Aspects of Sport 0.5
KP218 Biophysical Aspects of Physical Activity 0.5
KP219 Our Health and Wellbeing 0.5
KP221 Functional Human Anatomy 0.5
KP222 Human Physiology 0.5
KP231 Fundamentals of Health 0.5
KP251 Fundamentals of Biomechanics 0.5
KP290 Research Methods 0.5
KP300 Teaching and Coaching Physical Activity and Sport 0.5
KP311 Gender and Media in Sport 0.5
KP322 Exercise Physiology 0.5
KP331 Health and Illness Across the Lifespan 0.5
KP332 Exercise Nutrition 0.5
KP340 Special Topics 0.5
KP341 History of Physical Activity and Sport in Canada 0.5
KP342 Directed Studies 0.5
KP343 Sport Development, Governance, and Globalization [1] 0.5
KP344 Organization and Administration in Physical Activity and Sport 0.5
KP345 Sport Personalities, Celebrities, and Rivalries [2] 0.5
KP351 Biomechanics of Human Movement 0.5
KP361 Sensorimotor Control and Learning Across the Lifespan 0.5
KP371 Disability, Developmental Delays and Physical Activity 0.5
KP381 Advanced Psychology of Sport and Exercise 0.5
KP390 Inferential Statistics 0.5
KP422 Advanced Exercise Physiology 0.5
KP425 Neuromuscular Function in Exercise 0.5
KP426 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription 0.5
KP431 Aging, Physical Activity and Health 0.5
KP434 Epidemiology 0.5
KP435 Exercise is Medicine 0.5
KP441 The Modern Olympic Games 0.5
KP442 Marketing in Sport and Physical Activity 0.5
KP443 Ethics in Sport, Physical Activity and Health 0.5
KP451 Advanced Biomechanics 0.5
KP452 Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics 0.5
KP460 Children in Physical Activity 0.5
KP462 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis 0.5
KP463 Human Motor and Perceptuomotor Disorders 0.5
KP464 Movement Disorders and Clinical Neural Control 0.5
KP465 Balance, Posture and Gait [3] 0.5
KP466 Seminar in Psychomotor Behaviour [4] 0.5
KP471 Adapted Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities 0.5
KP472 Athletic Injuries 0.5
KP481 Applied Psychology of Human Performance 0.5
KP482 Behaviour Change and Physical Activity 0.5
KP483 The Psychology of Injury Rehabilitation in Sport and Physical Activity 0.5
KP484 Seminar in Psychology of Sport and Exercise 0.5
KP490 Thesis 1.0
KP491 Research and Application in Kinesiology: Capstone Experiences 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision January 12, 2021: KP 343 - New description, change to cross listing (GS343) effective September 1, 2021.

  2. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision January 12, 2021: KP345 - new course, effective Sept 1, 2021.

  3. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision May 5, 2020: KP465 - change to pre-requisite, effective September 1, 2021.

  4. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision January 12, 2021: KP466 change of title and pre-requisite change.