Computer Science (PC/CP Dept)

Honours BSc, BA, Double Degrees and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CP102 Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems 0.5
CP104 Introduction to Programming 0.5
CP164 Data Structures I 0.5
CP202 Website Design 0.5
CP212 Windows Application Programming 0.5
CP213 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 0.5
CP214 Discrete Structures for Computer Science 0.5
CP216 Introduction to Microprocessors 0.5
CP220 Digital Electronics 0.5
CP221 Analog Electronics I 0.5
CP264 Data Structures II 0.5
CP310 Special Topics 0.5
CP312 Algorithm Design and Analysis I 0.5
CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computation 0.5
CP316 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing 0.5
CP317 Software Engineering 0.5
CP319 Digital System Design 0.5
CP320 Physical Computing: Digital Interaction with the Analog World 0.5
CP321 Data Visualisation 0.5
CP322 Machine Learning 0.5
CP340 E-commerce 0.5
CP351 Quantum Computing 0.5
CP363 Database I 0.5
CP364 Data Communication and Networks 0.5
CP367 Introduction to System Programming 0.5
CP372 Computer Networks 0.5
CP373 Ethics and Professional Practice in Computer Science 0.5
CP374 Distributed Systems 0.5
CP386 Operating Systems 0.5
CP395 Directed Studies 0.5
CP400 Special Topics 0.5
CP411 Computer Graphics 0.5
CP412 Algorithm Design and Analysis II 0.5
CP414 Foundations of Computing 0.5
CP421 Data Mining 0.5
CP422 Programming for Big Data 0.5
CP423 Text Retrieval and Search Engines 0.5
CP431 Parallel Programming 0.5
CP460 Applied Cryptography 0.5
CP463 Simulation 0.5
CP464 Selected Topics in Computer Hardware 0.5
CP465 Database II 0.5
CP467 Image Processing & Pattern Recognition 0.5
CP468 Artificial Intelligence 0.5
CP469 iPhone Application Programming 0.5
CP470 Android Programming 0.5
CP471 Introduction to Compiling 0.5
CP472 Programming Languages 0.5
CP476 Internet Computing 0.5
CP480 Wireless Communication & Networks 0.5
CP493 Directed Research Project I 0.5
CP494 Directed Research Project II 0.5
CP495 Directed Studies 0.5