Social Entrepreneurship Program

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The Social Entrepreneurship Option is the first Canadian undergraduate social entrepreneurship program grounded in the liberal arts. It was constructed with the ideal student in mind that is, someone who is intellectually and personally courageous, cares deeply about the world, and considers their undergraduate education to be a vital stage in their lifelong learning; and someone who wants both depth, in their specialization of choice, and breadth, acquired in an option like this.

This option is available to all Laurier students enrolled in an undergraduate honours program.

The Social Entrepreneurship Option is built on three pillars:

  • deeper appreciation of the world's urgent problems, self-understanding, and entrepreneurial expertise.
  • The problems facing humanity are increasingly complex; sustainable solutions require broad knowledge and critical engagement - Those who seek to help others must start by appreciating their own strengths, motivation, and worldview.
  • Sound business skills, such as organizational administration, financial management, strategic planning, market analysis and fundraising, are needed to manage sustainable ventures needed to make social change. This option is open to all Laurier students. Priority will be given to students in the Faculty of Arts. 

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SE200 How to Change the World: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship 0.5
SE300 Developing a Social Venture 0.5
SE340 Special Topics in Social Entrepreneurship 0.5
SE350 Social Innovation and Culture 0.5
SE364 Social Innovation in the City 1.0
SE400 Capstone Course in Social Entrepreneurship 1.0