Political Science

Honours BA, Combined BA, Specialization, Option and Minors:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PO101 Politics Within Borders 0.5
PO102 Politics Beyond Borders 0.5
PO209 Legal Writing 0.5
PO210 Introduction to Law 0.5
PO212 Law and Politics in Multicultural Democracies 0.5
PO217 Asking Questions in Political Science: An Introduction to Research 0.5
PO218 Answering Questions in Political Science: Research in Practice 0.5
PO220 Poverty and Inequality in the Global South 0.5
PO221 States, Citizens and Identity in Comparative Perspective 0.5
PO225 U.S. Government I: The Polarization of American Politics 0.5
PO226 U.S. Government II: The Dysfunction of the American Political Process 0.5
PO230 Decolonizing North America 0.5
PO231 Politics in an Insecure World 0.5
PO232 Markets, Money and International Politics 0.5
PO235 Big Debates in Political Thought I: Class, Power, and Identity 0.5
PO236 Big Debates in Political Thought II: Knowledge, Reason, Justice 0.5
PO237 Pathways to Modern Politics 0.5
PO245 The Art and Science of Policy Design 0.5
PO263 Politics and Government in Canada 0.5
PO264 The Practice of Politics in Canada 0.5
PO288 Political Science from Abroad 1.0
PO301 Drugs, Guns and Trucks: Commerce and Contraband Across North America 0.5
PO310 Special Topics I 0.5
PO311 Special Topics II 0.5
PO312 The Politics of Cities and Regions in Canada 0.5
PO315 Politics and Society in Contemporary Québec 0.5
PO316 Canadian Environmental Policy 0.5
PO317 The Global Politics of Land and Territory 0.5
PO318 The Reality of Democracy in Latin America 0.5
PO319 African Politics 0.5
PO320 Women, Gender and Politics 0.5
PO322 Contemporary Security Issues 0.5
PO323 Modern Diplomacy 0.5
PO324 American Political Controversies 0.5
PO326 The Global Politics of Human Displacement and Refugees 0.5
PO329 The Politics of Trade 0.5
PO330 International Political Economy 0.5
PO331 The Law of Modern Conflict 0.5
PO332 Global Governance 0.5
PO333 International Law 0.5
PO334 Canadian Foreign Policy Analysis 0.5
PO344 Writing for Politics and Policy 0.5
PO345 Public Policy Analysis 0.5
PO347 Canadian Public Administration 0.5
PO350 Theories of Justice 0.5
PO360 Citizen Politics 0.5
PO369 Domestic and Regional Politics of the Middle East 0.5
PO370 The Political Economy of Eastern Asia 0.5
PO371 The Constitution and Judicial Politics in Canada 0.5
PO373 Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy 0.5
PO374 Division, Diversity and Federalism in Canada 0.5
PO381 Legal Advocacy Skills 0.5
PO388 Political Science in the Field 1.0
PO389 Special Topics in Legal Studies 0.5
PO420 The Politics of Social Policy in an Era of Globalization 0.5
PO425 Seminar in Applied Politics and Professionalization 0.5
PO431 The State and Nation in Canada 0.5
PO432 Canadian Democracy 0.5
PO433 Issues and Policy-making in Canada 0.5
PO452 Political Parties: Money, Votes and Power 0.5
PO465 Media Analysis for Politics and Policy in a Digital Age 0.5
PO466 Interpreting and Understanding Elections 0.5
PO467 Public Opinion 0.5
PO471 Politics in the Global South: Emerging Issues 0.5
PO472 Peace and Reconstruction 0.5
PO473 Contemporary Issues in International Trade 0.5
PO474 Contested Politics of Citizenship 0.5
PO478 Social Science Theories 1.0
PO479 Seminar in Research Design 1.0
PO481 Comparative Ethnic Politics 0.5
PO487 The Study of Terrorism in Context 0.5
PO488 International Human Rights, the Law and Governance 0.5
PO489 Global Political Economy in Turbulent Times 0.5
PO497 Special Topics I 0.5
PO498 Special Topics II 0.5
PO499 Directed Studies 0.5