Indigenous Studies Program

Program Co-ordinator: Vanessa Oliver, PhD,, 519-756-8228, ext 5690.

The Indigenous Studies combined major is available at the Brantford Campus.
The minor is available at the Brantford and Waterloo Campuses.

All students in the Indigenous Studies Combined Honours BA program will develop an increased awareness of their own culture and the cultures of Indigenous peoples, both in Canada and globally; they will learn to identify and articulate research questions and approaches that respect and utilize indigenous research paradigms and the common theoretical assumptions of indigenous cultures; and they will develop facility in communicating with and between indigenous and non-native Canadian populations and groups in the execution of their academic or professional duties.

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
ID100 Indigenous Peoples and Media 0.5
ID120 Introduction to Indigenous Studies 0.5
ID201 Indigenous Perspectives on Globalization 0.5
ID202 The M้tis in Canada - Syncretic Worldviews 0.5
ID205 Indigenous People and Anthropology 0.5
ID207 Gender and Indigenous Communities 0.5
ID208 Indigenous Play and Games 0.5
ID220 Cultural Teachings Through Language – Basic Mohawk 0.5
ID227 The People of the Longhouse 0.5
ID230 Cultural Teachings Through Language – Basic Anishnaabe 0.5
ID301 Traditional Ecological Knowledge 0.5
ID302 Indigenous Children and Families 0.5
ID303 Indigenous Pedagogy 0.5
ID308 Indigenous Forms of Justice 0.5
ID320 Cultural Teaching through Language – Intermediate Mohawk 0.5
ID330 Cultural Teaching through Language – Intermediate Anishnaabe 0.5
ID350 Special Topics 0.5
ID360 Indigenous-Settler Relations 0.5
ID375 Indigenous Community Organizing 0.5
ID386 Indigenous Psychology 0.5
ID400 Indigenous Research Methodologies 0.5
ID401 Indigenous Allyship and Kinship 0.5
ID402 Directed Studies – Readings in Indigenous Studies 0.5
ID405 Indigenous Issues and Anthropology 0.5
ID410 Medicine Garden 0.5