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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
HE100 Health Issues I 0.5
HE101 Health Issues II 0.5
HE201 Research Methods for the Health Sciences 0.5
HE300 Epidemiology [1] 0.5
HE301 Social Determinants of Health 0.5
HE302 Foundations of the Canadian Healthcare System 0.5
HE330 Human Nutrition and Health 0.5
HE340 Special Topics 0.5
HE350 Directed Studies 0.5
HE400 Multidisciplinary Seminar on Critical Health Issues 0.5
HE401 Case-Based Problem Solving in the Health Sciences 0.5
HE410 Aging and Health 0.5
HE411 Critical perspectives in Public Health 0.5
HE430 Advanced nutrition and chronic disease 0.5
HE431 Pathophysiology 0.5
HE432 Biomedical Virology [2] 0.5
HE433 Biochemical Basis of Disease 0.5
HE434 Immunology 0.5
HE435 Exercise is Medicine 0.5
HE440 Special Topics 0.5
HE450 Directed Studies 0.5
HE490 Directed Research in Health Sciences 1.0
HN210 Human Anatomy 0.5
HN220 Human Physiology 0.5
HN320 Human Physiology II: Control and Integration 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revisions February 26, 2019: HE300/KP434 Prerequisite changed; effective September 1, 2019.

  2. Senate Academic Planning Committee Revisions May 9, 2019: HE432/BI470 Prerequisite revised; effective September 1, 2019.