Applied Digital Program
History Department

The Applied Digital Option prepares students in the use of digital methods to manage and interrogate information, and educates them in how to disseminate their findings in creative ways. It builds students' abilities to research, critique and analyze a variety of social, historical, political and economic issues using contemporary digital technologies (mapping, electronic literary analysis, digitization, analytics and advanced visualization techniques). The Applied Digital Option introduces students to the multimedia skills they need to succeed in an age of digital information.

The Option's two pathways Design and Application introduce student to creative project designs using multimedia and to digital research using techniques that allow them to manage and interpret large volumes of data. The focus of the Design Pathway is on the creation of multimedia projects. Students are introduced to the software tools they need in order to express their ideas in creative and effective ways. The focus of the Applications Pathway is on the collection and analysis of "big data" and its rendering in ways that facilitate interpretation.

To apply to the Option, students must submit the Program Selection Form on the Office of the Registrar website. Previous computer experience is not required for admission.

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
DH100 Digital Creativity 0.5
DH200 Digital Narratives 0.5
DH300 Digital Editing and Publishing 0.5