Languages and Literatures

Honours BA and Courses:

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  • BA (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • CombBA (Honours) - Honours Combination or Joint (BA)
  • Op - Option
  • Mi - Minor
Arabic Mi
French BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
German Mi
Italian Mi
Spanish BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi

Program Information

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
LL200 Cultural Perspectives I 0.5
LL201 Cultural Perspectives II 0.5
LL223 Theoretical Linguistics 0.5
LL224 Applied Linguistics 0.5
LL395 Special Topics 0.5
MI201 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I 0.5
MI202 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II 0.5
MI288 Mare Nostrum: Mediterranean Travels 1.0