Social and Environmental Justice Program

Program Co-ordinator - Social and Environmental Justice: Brenda Murphy, PhD, 519-756-8228, ext. 5718,

The Social and Environmental Justice Honours and Combined Honours programs are only available at the Brantford Campus.

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SOJE Course Notes

The following Social and Environmental Justice (SOJE) courses are only available at the Brantford Campus.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SOJE100 The Engaged Citizen: Social and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century 0.5
SOJE120 Introduction to Indigenous Studies 0.5
SOJE200 Digital Citizenship 0.5
SOJE202 Science and Cultural Issues 0.5
SOJE203 Disease and Society 0.5
SOJE204 Social and Environmental Justice in Practice 0.5
SOJE205 Indigenous People and Anthropology 0.5
SOJE208 Science, Truth and Values 0.5
SOJE210 Environment and Society: Stories from the Past 0.5
SOJE215 Environmental Concerns: From the Grand to the Globe 0.5
SOJE222 Digital and Social Media: Critical Approaches 0.5
SOJE225 The Individual in the Community 0.5
SOJE226 The Media in a Global World 0.5
SOJE227 Aging: Realities and Myths 0.5
SOJE250 Understanding Global Capitalism 0.5
SOJE252 Niagara Falls 0.5
SOJE253 Ancients and Moderns 0.5
SOJE255 The Democratic Imagination 0.5
SOJE260 Introduction to Human Rights 0.5
SOJE280 Popular Culture and Meaning [1] 0.5
SOJE285 Representing Canadian Identities 0.5
SOJE302 Climate Change and Society 0.5
SOJE310 Economics, Class and Public Policy [2] 0.5
SOJE312 Sustainability and Global Society 0.5
SOJE324 Globalization, Culture and Society 0.5
SOJE326 Children, Toys and Media 0.5
SOJE330 Independent Studies 1.0
SOJE340 Consumerism and Identities 0.5
SOJE352 War in the Contemporary World 0.5
SOJE355 Advancing Racial and Ethnic Equality 0.5
SOJE367 Shelter and Social Justice Field Course 1.0
SOJE370 Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justice 0.5
SOJE401 Food 0.5
SOJE403 Community Internship 1.0
SOJE404 Issues in Development and Social Entrepreneurship 0.5
SOJE405 Digital Play, Digital Labour 0.5
SOJE406 Brantford: Industry and Perseverance 0.5
SOJE407 Humour 0.5
SOJE408 Wal~Mart: Studies in Contemporary Capitalism 0.5
SOJE409 Arctic Dreams and Nightmares 0.5
SOJE415 Practicing Sustainability (Capstone) 0.5
SOJE417 Special Topics in Environment and Sustainability 0.5
SOJE419 Environmental Justice 0.5
SOJE425 Social and Environmental Capstone: Another World is Possible 0.5
SOJE430 Youth Cultures 0.5
SOJE450 The City in Contemporary Life 0.5
SOJE455 Struggles in Capitalism Today (Capstone) 0.5
SOJE457 Special Topics in Social Structures 0.5
SOJE460 Popular Film and Contemporary Culture 0.5
SOJE480 Classic Texts, Contemporary Issues 0.5
SOJE485 Politics of Cultural Production (Capstone) 0.5
SOJE487 Special Topics in Culture and Representation 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Academic Planning Committee May 1, 2018: SOJE280 Exclusion added; effective September 1, 2018.  

  2. Senate Academic Planning Committee March 19, 2018: SOJE310 LY Exclusion deleted; effective September 1, 2018.