Honours BSc, BA, Combination and Joint programs and Minor:


Adjunct Professor
  • John Smith, PhD
Full-Time Faculty

BI Course Notes

A student may cross-register at the University of Waterloo for a maximum of 1.0 credit in each of Year 3 and Year 4. Timetable conflicts will not be accepted as a valid reason for taking an equivalent course at the University of Waterloo.

Biology courses with Lab Component

BI256, BI266, BI276, BI300, BI308, BI309, BI338, BI349, BI358BI359, BI367, BI368, BI369, BI374,  BI402/CH454, BI405, BI431, BI439, BI441, BI449, BI456, BI475, BI476, BI484, BI488.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
BI110 Unifying Life Processes 0.5
BI111 Biological Diversity and Evolution 0.5
BI226 Genetics 0.5
BI236 Cell and Molecular Biology 0.5
BI256 Life on Earth: Animals 0.5
BI266 Life on Earth: Plants 0.5
BI276 Life on Earth: Microbes 0.5
BI296 Communication and Critical Thinking Skills in Biology 0.5
BI300 Environmental Toxicology 0.5
BI301 Global Ecology and Biogeography 0.5
BI302 Evolution 0.5
BI308 Animal Behaviour 0.5
BI309 Population Ecology 0.5
BI330 Fundamentals of Histology 0.5
BI338 Cells: Form and Function 0.5
BI346 Advanced Molecular Biotechnology 0.5
BI349 Embryology 0.5
BI358 Animal Form and Function 0.5
BI359 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 0.5
BI363 Plant Ecology 0.5
BI367 Field Botany - Flora of Ontario 0.5
BI368 Plants: Form and Function 0.5
BI369 Plant Physiology 0.5
BI374 Physiological Applications of Microbiology 0.5
BI376 Microbial Physiology 0.5
BI390 Field Studies – OUPFB 0.5
BI391 Field Ecology of Southern Ontario 0.5
BI392 Field Studies II – OUPFB 0.5
BI393 Biostatistics 0.5
BI394 The Changing North: Subarctic Ecosystems in the Face of Climate Warming 0.5
BI396 Special Topics in Biology 0.5
BI400 Topics in Environmental Toxicology 0.5
BI401 Origin of Life on Earth and Endosymbiotic Theory 0.5
BI402 Bioinformatics 0.5
BI405 Community Ecology 0.5
BI407 Animal Communication 0.5
BI409 Conservation Biology 0.5
BI416 Pathophysiology 0.5
BI417 Immunology 0.5
BI421 The Human Microbiome 0.5
BI426 Genome Dynamics 0.5
BI431 Microtechniques 0.5
BI439 Vertebrate Microscopic Anatomy [1] 0.5
BI440 Advanced Topics in DNA Science and Molecular Biotechnology 0.5
BI441 Recombinant DNA Technology 0.5
BI449 Developmental Biology 0.5
BI451 Fish Physiological Adaptations 0.5
BI456 Environmental Physiology of Animals 0.5
BI458 Vertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation 0.5
BI459 Endocrinology 0.5
BI463 Environmental Stress Biology of Plants 0.5
BI464 Plants and People 0.5
BI468 Plant Biodiversity and Conservation 0.5
BI470 Biomedical Virology 0.5
BI475 Microbial Ecology 0.5
BI476 Microbial Disease 0.5
BI484 Fundamentals of Parasitology [2] 0.5
BI488 Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation 0.5
BI495 Directed Studies 0.5
BI496 Special Topics in Advanced Biology 0.5
BI499 Thesis 1.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Academic Planning Committee May 1, 2018: BI439 Contact hours and prerequisite revised; effective September 1, 2018. 

  2. Senate Academic Planning Committee May 1, 2018: BI484 Prerequisite revised and exclusion added; effective September 1, 2018.